3 Negative Effects Of Improper Waste Disposal To The Environment


All homeowners, regardless of weather conditions or nationality, deal with getting rid of rubbish every day. Different methods are used to get rid of rubbish, such as skip bins, local recycling centers, and waste removal services. It is important to observe proper waste disposal, whether it be for simple household rubbish or commercial business waste, to prevent harmful effects on the environment and all living things. Hiring a professional garbage collection Sydney from Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal will ensure that your rubbish will be properly segregated and disposed of efficiently.

Despite this, many people still try to choose to dispose of their rubbish in their ways to save money or effort of hiring someone to help them which can lead to a lot of negative effects that will ultimately cause harm to mother earth. Below are the top five harmful effects of improper waste disposal on the environment.

  • Improper Waste Disposal Can Lead To Soil Contamination

The number one problem that improper disposal of waste can cause is soil contamination or hazardous chemicals leaking into the soil. Most plastics, such as bottles, are hard to break down and when they do break down, they release DEHA or a carcinogen that has a lot of negative effects to plants, animals and even humans. Aside from affecting the growth of plants, the animals and humans who consume the plants will also become affected. This carcinogen targets the reproductive system, which leads to liver dysfunction and weight loss. Therefore, it is vital for everyone always to recycle and place recyclables items like metals, papers, and plastics in recycling centers to avoid soil contamination. Bulk waste can only be removed from landfills if people and every household take time to segregate. Hiring a skilled rubbish removal Parramatta like Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal will ensure that your rubbish is properly disposed of in an efficient and eco-friendly manner.

  • It Can Cause Contamination In The Air

Some wastes contain hazardous chemicals, like acids and bleach, which should be properly disposed of in approved containers with correct labels because they may emit these harmful substances in the air if not properly handled. There are also some plastics and papers that emit toxic gas and other harmful chemicals when burned in landfills. Some wastes also emit dioxins, which are also hazardous and can pose a threat to one’s health when diffused in the air. Also, methane gas is also released when some wastes decompose improperly. Landfill gas produced by decomposing waste can also harm nearby communities because such gases can be explosive.

  • Disposing Waste Improperly Also Causes Water Contamination

When waste is thrown into the environment, it leeches into the ground and even in underground water. This water is used for watering fields, for taking baths and even for consumption. Therefore, all living things will be affected when water is contaminated. This toxic liquid chemical waste will eventually seep into water streams and other bodies of water, which can threaten marine life. Sea creatures who come in contact with contaminated water can become suffocated and even destroy marine habitats like corals. Ultimately, when fish who are contaminated gets eaten by a human, the trash we threw will harm our body. The cycle will continue unless we do something about it. That is why recycling and proper waste disposal is important and vital to ensure that everyone lives a happy and healthy lifestyle. Many companies offer eco-friendly services, which include recycling plastics and other toxic wastes. If you are interested in promoting your own environment-friendly business, you can ask aid from professionals, like The Enlighted Leaders, to help you.

Final Word

Keeping our waste properly disposed of is one way of helping save mother earth and our health as well. Make sure always to segregate, observe proper disposal or garbage, and hire a professional waste disposal company to get rid of your waste in an eco-friendly manner.