DIY Ideas For Recycling Materials


Hundreds of thousands to millions of plastic bottles are thrown away each year. Manufacturers and consumers have been relying on plastic containers for so long now. Shampoo, laundry detergent, drinking water, honey, milk,juice are only some of the thousands of products manufactured daily and stored in plastic containers.

Not only can you recycle empty plastic bottles, potential household trash or furniture can also be turned intosomething new or something better.

The trash with no potential to be recycled can be asked to be disposed of with the help of agencies. You can checkthis link to know more of the services they canoffer.

When you’re new to recycling and can’t think of a few DIY projects, here are some examples:

  • Paint on old light bulbs for display, or you can use them as Christmas ornaments
  • Cut milk gallons in half and use them as plant boxes
  • Old ladles can be candle holders
  • Large plastic bottles can be made into a birdhouse
  • Turn water bottles into a bird feeder
  • Make home-made toys like toy cars or house dolls using milk gallons or water gallons
  • Cut out soda cans to shape as a cookie cutter
  • An empty lotion bottle can be a DIY phone charger holder
  • Put holes on the bottle caps of large water containers to make a DIY watering bottle
  • Close small plastic bags containing rice, chopped vegetables, etc. with plastic bottle caps
  • Bury water bottles with holes as watering ports for plants
  • Convert a crib into a kid’s recreational table
  • An old bag can be a dog or cat bed
  • Create your own shelf out of shipping crates
  • A classic old suitcase can be your new medicine cabinet
  • An old junk car can be turned into the chicken coop
  • Decorate your dining area with a large wall clock made from a bicycle wheel
  • Use plastic bottles to maximize lighting along streets
  • Paint swatches can be a handy bookmark
  • Utilize plastic bottles into a dog or cat water station
  • Paint on rusted old cheese graters and use them as a personal jewelry holder
  • An old classic piano can be converted into a bookshelf
  • Fancy plastic containers can be new condiments containers
  • Save more with piggy banks made from plastic bottles
  • Use soda bottles as plant pots for a vertical garden hanged against a wall
  • Put a hose on the opening of a water bottle and drill holes on the body for a DIY sprinkler

There are a lot more ideas on how to recycle household garbage. If you’re feeling helpless, visit to help you remove unrecyclable materialsin your area. They can offer excellent services at a cheap cost.

Final Word

If you think outside of the box, you can do more               projects to help you reduce dumped waste in your community. Just because objects, furniture, and fixtures are damaged and don’t serve their purpose anymore doesn’t mean they can’t be made into something else more useful. Recycling is the best option in reducing the amount of garbage piling up every day. It can also save you money by creating needed materials by yourself.