3 Concerns to Discuss with the CCTV Surveillance Provider of Your Company


There are several advantages to having CCTV on your company premises. CCTV installation for your Singapore property is not something you should try to perform on your own. It might result in various issues, ranging from inadequate coverage to insufficient control. However, there are also a few primary pointers to discuss with your security solutions service provider. They are:

#1 CCTV Location & Coverage

Consider the coverage you wish to obtain when installing a CCTV surveillance system in your Singapore firm. Identify all possible susceptible spots where you desire to install the video surveillance system. Some of the best areas where security cameras are most valuable are exits and entrances, points of sale, reception, and car parks.

#2 Number of Cameras and Its Type

Determine the regions of your property that require surveillance. There are several sorts of cameras to evaluate and select from, and the type of camera you use will influence your outcomes. You may need different types of CCTV cameras in your Singapore office. It depends on the environment.

Most prefer wireless CCTV cameras nowadays. It eliminates the need for wiring. The lack of wiring means intruders cannot render your camera useless since there is nothing to mess with or cut.

#3 Audio and Video Quality

Integrating audio into a CCTV camera system in your Singapore office allow security to hear and talk with offenders. Furthermore, you can use audio integration as an effective detection mechanism. It is also vital to consider how clear you want the video to be for better recognition. The area you wish to monitor will determine the resolution of the camera you should use. Lower-resolution cameras are more suitable for smaller spaces, such as an office or a short hallway.

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