What You Need To Know About Double-Glazed Windows


An essential element in a home, the double-glazed window like double glazing Beckenham for example has become the standard window. It comes in different materials (for joinery) and types of double glazing. Its price is, therefore, a combination depending on the material used and the performance of the double glazing. Double windows are an excellent investment; they improve comfort, reduce the home’s energy consumption (up to 10%), and are eligible for several ecological aids, such as the energy bonus.

Each material has its specificities

The main difference between two double-glazed windows is the material used to manufacture their joinery. The three main materials are wood, PVC, aluminum, and aluminum wood.

Wood is the material traditionally used for making windows. Fully recyclable, it is widely available in France. Timeless, it adapts to all styles and offers many colors, shapes, and finishes while possessing good insulating performance.

PVC, currently very popular, is appreciated for its easy maintenance, economical price, and many colors. It is also recyclable, resistant, and a good insulator.

Aluminum is easy to maintain and allows windows with specific shapes (large, with thin uprights, etc.) in a wide range of colors. It is rot-proof and particularly resistant.

Wood-aluminum combines the advantages of both materials, with wood on the inside and aluminum on the outside.

Several Types Of Double Glazing

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass (with variable characteristics and thickness, generally 4 mm minimum ) which are separated by a blade (a space) filled with gas ( krypton or argon ) or air. Depending on the type of double glazing, the blade will be more or less thick, with an average value of 16 mm. Thanks to it, double glazing has thermal and sound insulation properties.

In addition to the so-called standard double glazing, there is the so-called low-emissivity, with an air or argon layer, with a special coating on one side that allows it to reflect heat inside the home. The model with reinforced sound insulation has thicker glass than the other. The anti-reflective double glazing is treated to reduce the effects of heat. The heating model has a heating layer with a conductive strip and a power supply. The one with a burglary-retardant effect (burglar-resistant double glazing) consists of laminated glass to protect residents against glass breakage and knocks.