Is House Extension A Good Idea?


A small home is beautiful until you have too many items or a big family. Besides, as you expand financially, you need a home office and a spacious dining area to host guests once in a while. These are some of the many reasons that make a house extension a good idea.

However, home addition is not always possible. In a situation where you have no garden, extending your house is impossible. Several factors determine whether extending a house is a good idea or not. They include:

1. The Cost of Alternative Properties

Before you extend your house compare the cost of your perfect home out there for sale. It is possible to find a property that meets your needs better than an extension of your house. However, at times, you may not find a house matching your needs and therefore it is worth to extend what you have.

2. Consider Your Neighbours

There is no legal requirement for you to inform your neighbours about your house extension. But, you should do it; a neighbour can object against the home extension if local areas policies allow it. The municipality is likely to acknowledge the objection, but it’s the local authority that decides if the extension should be approved or not. Find out if your neighbours have a problem with your extension project.

3. Will It Add Value To Your House?

How beneficial will the extension be to your home apart from increasing space? Some extensions can reduce the amount of sunlight or warmth in your house. Too little sunlight during winter can be awful, but too much it during summer will make your space uncomfortable. Others make leads to the loss of your home’s aesthetic appeal. Try to find out the final look of your home after the change is implemented before it’s practically done. What’s more, some extension designs can lower or add value of your house.

4. Does The Extension Project Require You To Move Out?

If you can live in your house as the project goes on, it will help you save. However, a project that involves a lot of renovation work may not be possible unless you move out temporarily. You can have it staged, which means it will take longer and still costly. Consider this and decide if it’s a good idea to extend your house.


These four points help you decide if a house extension is a good idea or not. Put them in mind to determine if you need this addition or not before you contact house extensions builders for a quote.