Tips to Upkeep Your Coffee Table


If you are getting your coffee table in the wooden variant, and are sure about its quality, you can rest assured that it will last for a lifetime. It can be passed down to several generations if you take care of it properly. However, the highest quality of the wood is also very much susceptible to scratches and abrasions, if not maintained correctly. So, when you are purchasing the coffee table, you must ask them for any special care instructions that should be followed. After you have already bought it, you should follow the below tips to increase the life of this wooden masterpiece.

Do not mistreat the furniture

You should be extra careful to not harm the furniture by directly placing high heat on it. Use coasters to put hot objects, which will also avoid rings in this way. You can also use the insulated cups and mugs to ensure that the hot surfaces are not touching the wood directly. Also, be extra careful to not spill hot liquids on it.

Avoid exposing it to exteriors

Environmental factors like heat, sunlight and rain can wreak havoc on the furniture. It is the best to not put the coffee table in areas close to open windows, lawns or doors. When inside, be extra mindful of ensuring that they are not near the AC vents or fireplaces. Excessive heat and light can also be corrosive to the wooden finish.

Often dust the furniture

We often tend to neglect the dusting of our furniture. But this is one of the most important factors to have a long-lasting furniture. It is easier for the airborne particles to form a layer on the wooden surface and scratch it ultimately. Frequent dusting will prevent this from occurring. Use soft cotton cloth to wipe off the dust and prevent any further damage. You can try the lambswool dusters for the best results.

Keep the table clean

There are times when it is not enough to dust the table. And, our cleaning routines do not religiously follow cleaning of furniture. In such cases, we tend to use the commercial all-purpose cleaners to make the process efficient. But lesser do we understand that we are damaging it more. It is always better to use mild detergent mixed with water.

Once you know all the cleaning tips, it’s time to explore the tables basses modernes Elegant Tables collection and bring home the best ones.