Tips for Choosing the Interior Paint Colour

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It is not an easy job to decide what colour to paint your interior walls. As you should live with your decision, you should make sure you get it right. Interior paint colours have more to do with your preferences than what others think. Most often, people go with neutral colours for home interior. However, if you want a better choice, you can talk to painting contractors Sydney who have professional knowledge of colour choices. Here are a few tips for reading if you want to get it right the first time.

Think about the Decor and Furniture:

If your interior decor and furniture are staying put, consider colours that will complement them. It is easier for the colour of your interior wall to go with the decor and furniture than the other way around. It will give you a basis for the range of colours you can opt for. For example, a beige lounge suite will demand bolder walls. Meanwhile, a bright blue couch will demand a neutral colour for the walls.

Create a Mood Board:

While choosing interior paint colour don’t think that going to the paint shop is all you need to do, and the perfect colour will jump out at you. You should invest your time in a little research. There are so many internet sites for collecting images of rooms with wall paint colours you would like. After collecting a dozen of ideas, you will have a good feel for the colour you prefer. If you are still not sure to pick the right colour, you can talk to the painting contractors Sydney who can choose the right colour to match the ambience of your home.

Go with Neutral’s if in doubt:

Neutral home paint colours are never boring and will never go out of style. If you are planning to sell your house, neutral wall colours are the best, as they rarely offend and are neutral to people’s taste, at worst. Grey, warm white or neutral tones will give potential homebuyers a base to switch furniture with bright materials and models and also to introduce decoration with vibrant colours.

It might sound little clinical if all the walls are painted stark white, but this is actually very effective to decorate around. If you have a modern minimalist home, then neutral wall colours would suit the aesthetic and look spectacular.

Use Tester Pots:

If you are much confused with the interior paint colour choices, tester pots should be your best choice. Getting samples of the chosen colours will let you see how your wall looks with it without purchasing lots of the colour. Besides, paint colours can also look different once applied to the wall and dries.

With sample pots, you can see how the colour looks at different times of the day and in different lights. Professional painters Sydney can help you choose the better colour if you cant decide using the tester pots.

Paint Sheen does make a difference:

The sheen you choose for your paint colour is an important consideration. A satin coat on lounge walls may show up minor flaws. However, it may be suitable for kitchen and bathroom as marks are washed often. If in doubt, talk to professional painters who will recommend the best paint sheen for your space. For commercial interior painting, commercial painters Sydney can help you.

At the end of the day, when it comes to interior paint colours, the opinion of others doesn’t matter. You are the one who is going to live with your choices. So go with your instinct.