The Top 5 Rated Toilet Seats for Comfort


The toilet seat is one of the most common things used by people. These seats come in different colours, shapes, designs such as elongated and round design and materials such as wood and plastic.

With so many options available on the market, choosing the best toilet seat for your home or business can be daunting. We’ve therefore compiled a list of the best toilet seats that’ll make answering the call of nature as comfortable as possible.

1. Mayfair 46EC 006 Molded Wood Toilet Seat

Mayfair is one of the top-rated toilet seats in the plumbing industry. This toilet seat is durable and sturdy thanks to the moulded wood that is covered with a layer of cushion and a DuraGuard antimicrobial vinyl layer on the outside.

The toilet seat features a STA-TITE fastening system that is easy to install and doesn’t loosen up, keeping the set secure. Another outstanding feature of the Mayfair 46EC 006 Molded Wood toilet seat is the whisper close seat that quietly and slowly closes with minimal pressure to reduce the risk of slamming the lid. The seat fits almost all-round bowls and is made from eco-friendly materials.

2. TOTO C100 Washlet

TOTO C100 Washlet is one of the most comfortable toilet seats available on the market today. The seat is packed with automatic features that make the flushing and cleaning process quick and easy.

Also, this two-piece toilet utilizes a push-button system that allows you to control the temperature and the volume of water you receive. The toilet seat also has an oscillating comfort wash that provides full coverage, gentle clean and a dual-action spray nozzle that has self-cleaning features to make maintaining the washlet a simple task.

3. BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat

BEMIS 1500EC 000 Toilet Seat is elegant, durable and provides value for your money. The seat has a non-irritant and comfortable design, making it a great option for both residential and commercial properties. Its hinges are easy to lock and unlock which makes replacement and cleaning very easy.

The good thing about this toilet seat is that it fits a variety of toilets including TOTO, Kohler and American Standard. If you’re remodelling and need a toilet seat for style and comfort, consider purchasing one at B&Q. A B&Q toilet seat will help you meet your essential repair and renovation needs, like toilet parts st. clair shores mi. Additionally, a B&Q toilet seat will guarantee value for money.

4. Bath Royale

This model is a great option if you want a budget-friendly toilet seat without sacrificing your overall comfort. The toilet seat is made from top-quality polypropylene which makes it durable, sturdy and fade and peel resistant. It also features four foot bumpers that distribute weight evenly across the seat further increasing your comfort and convenience.

Other notable features of the Bath Royale toilet seat are the I-Touch Quick Release ability for easy cleaning and soft-close tech that prevents accidents and annoying slams.

5. KOHLER K-4733-55 Glenbury Elongated Toilet Seat

KOHLER toilet seats are designed to complement a variety of toilet designs and provide everyday convenience. Made of durable, stain-resistant plastic, the KOHLER K-4733-55 Glenbury Elongated toilet seat includes a Quiet-Close functionality that slowly closes with the slightest touch minimizing unwanted noise. Also, the Quick-Release hinges which you can remove allow you to clean the seat thoroughly.

After reviewing these five toilet seats, we hope that you can now choose a comfortable toilet seat for your toilet with ease.