Reasons Why You Need A Waterhog Mat?

Home Improvement

Over 800,000 patients are hospitalized each year as a result of falls, with one in five resulting in serious injury. Reduce the possibility of someone falling while on your property if you own a building that the public utilizes. That is what a WaterHog mat can do.

However, these mats serve more purposes than only preventing slips and falls. They offer a chance to establish the atmosphere of your building, greet guests, and contribute to the development of your brand.

These six advantages will help you when you install a WaterHog mat on your doorstep.

  1. Make Everyone Feel Welcome

A WaterHog floor mat at the door will help set the proper mood for your workplace, hotel, or retail establishment. With its premium construction of polypropylene, thermostatic polymers, or PET polyester fibers and 100% SBR rubber backing, a Water Hog mat hospitably greets guests. These commercial-grade mats dry quickly, don’t conduct electricity, and won’t fade. This guarantees that your entryway will be well-maintained.

  1. Keep Your Flooring Tidier

Marble is used for the floor in the hotel’s lobby and guest rooms. The main office in your school may have shiny linoleum flooring. Despite their magnificent beauty, these materials, when wet, can become dangerous death traps due to their slippery nature. On WaterHog doormats, the border features a unique “water dam” design that collects water. A single mat can prevent up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard from leaking into your floors. This is a significant amount of water.

  1. Choose The Correct Tone

Plain business doormats are not like WaterHog mats, which blend style and utility. With a stylish mat, you can set the mood for visitors to your room. An upmarket hotel or formal office environment will benefit greatly from a traditional half-moon shape with a beautiful oval fan design.

A rectangle or square mat with a diamond, chevron, modern swirl, or parquet pattern is ideal for your business environment, the institution of higher learning, place of worship, or establishment that sells goods. These patterns provide texture and a modest accent without being overpowering.

  1. Enhanced Security

Consumer-grade mats feature rubber backings of lower caliber. They slip or move around as a result. The safety risk posed by this movement is greater than the absence of any mat at all. The bi-level rubber backing on the WaterHog business floor mat is reinforced. It is safe for concrete, linoleum, tile, terrazzo, asphalt, wood, marble, and vinyl while resisting curling and cracking. There is a cleated variant that may be set down on the carpet.

  1. Possibility For Branding

If you select Waterhog Impressions HD logo mats, you can have the name of your resort, shop, or institution printed on them. This is the ideal chance to brand your area locally. Select your border style, mat size, orientation, and beautifully hued background color. You can upload your logo and have a unique design for each entry to your business location.

  1. Personalization

Create the perfect mat for your requirements by choosing from a wide variety of design possibilities, different colors of cloth, and several different dimensions. Even eco-friendly solutions are available. The backing of these mats contains between 15 and 20 percent recycled material, making them comprised of recycled materials. It is possible to raise awareness of the environment without negatively impacting performance.

In Conclusion

If your building has a public entry, you should get a WaterHog business doormat. These tough mats have a nice appearance and do a good job of keeping your floors dry and clean. By selecting a pleasing pattern that complements the building’s aesthetic or one that is specially branded for your business, you can get the most out of your mat.