How to stop mold growth in house

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Do you dread mold removal? You are not the only one! Every homeowner feels like this is one of the most tedious tasks one has to face. The muddy black spots on the shower curtain, the white patches on the basement floor, or the orange film on the kitchen drains are all household mold signs. So, the question that remains unanswered is how to stop mold growth in the house. You can find the answer down below!

Where do molds develop?

Before we discuss the professional tips for mold removal, it might be a good idea to share insights concerning the areas you might find it. In most houses, mold grows on walls, floors, carpets, appliances, or furniture exposed to moisture. So, you should pay close attention to damp areas in your home, like the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, or basement.

How to control mold growth in the house?

1. Allow fresh air in to balance humidity levels

The first thing you can do for mold prevention is to open a window, shut the door after a bath, boil a kettle, or cook. This will balance humidity levels and clean the air inside. Also, installing an extractor fan in both the bathroom and the kitchen might be a good idea. In this way, you will diminish condensation and prevent moisture from settling in.

2. Avoid smoking indoors

Smoking indoors can lead to serious side effects, since it takes a toll on indoor air quality. Keep in mind that even burning a candle can release smoke in the air and make room for condensation.

3. Take care of your pets

Did you know that pet fur and dander can have a say on mold growing conditions? Well, it is best to bathe the pet frequently and clean its bedding, too. Besides, this can prevent allergic reactions.

4. Manage dust mites

Household dust mites can thrive in damp conditions. And as a result, they favor the appearance of mold. Remember that dust mites live in carpets, bedding, or any other soft furnishing. You can avoid this with frequent cleaning and ventilation.

5. Kill and clean existing mold

In most situations, it is not enough to adopt preventive measures. You will have to clean the existing mold, too. There are several mold elimination products on the market you can use so that you restore your home’s health. This will help you clean the interior and make it safer for your family. Still, after this step, you should consider some adequate ventilation methods to prevent mold growth.

No one wants it, but most of us need mold removal boston ma from our homes. Always remember that ventilation is key for keeping mold at bay. Also, you can ask a contractor for an assessment concerning your home’s insulation. It is not uncommon for houses to get a lot of moisture and dampness due to insulation problems.