A wholesome solution for impure water


Water filter is used for filtering of impurities present in the water. Filters act as a barrier between the impure components and the people. Filtration of water is needed for hard water as they have high mineral contents compared to soft water. The amount of mineral content present in the water defines the level of water hardness. Hard water can be identified in various ways like soap scum present in bathtubs and washbasins. The hard water that runs through pipes leaves a whitish scum of mineral in the pipes. These scums become permanent with time and reduces the flow of water. In such circumstances it becomes mandatory to replace the pipes for better flow of water. A hard water filter helps in filtering of water thus, making it safer for domestic use.

Working of water filters

Water filters come with wide variety of purification techniques that can be used for filtration of springwell hard water. They treat the contamination by removing the impurities present in the water. Hard water has impurities like lead and pesticides that makes water unsuitable for consumption. Water filters most commonly use activated carbon, sediment filtration and reverse osmosis to remove the impurities of water. The water filtration system filter the water that passes through them. Different filers remove impurities by different ways. Some water filters remove the impurities by water cleansing while some water filters trap the impurities in a cartridge membrane which needs to be replaced after a certain period of time.

Working of water softeners

Water softeners are also used for purification of hard water. However, the process used for filtering of water is different from water filters. Here, the water softener uses the process of ion exchange to eliminate the impurities of water. This ion exchange process is used to successfully remove calcium and magnesium contents from the hard water. Removal or reduction of calcium and magnesium contents from water prevents limescale formation. These softeners have a tank of resin beads that attracts these minerals. The minerals attracted to the resin beads are than replaced with the sodium ions and are released in the water thus, giving you soft water for consumption. The softeners are connected where your stop cock is located. Upon softening of water it can be funnelled throughout your home.

How to choose the right filter system?

  • It is difficult to choose the right filter system as both water softener and water filter have unique qualities. However, if you find formation of limescae in your home it is advisable that you use water softener. This will remove the furry and chalky build ups from your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • If the water that you are using taste differently or if it has bad smell, it means that your water is contaminated with chlorine and bacteria. In such case you must opt for a water filter. The water filter traps the chlorine and bacterial component present in the water thus, giving you high quality drinking water which is safe for drinking.