5 Things to consider while choosing the best fencing for backyard pool

Home Improvement

The pool is an important factor in planning the landscape of your backyard. It is a potential addition to your curb appeal that can take the beauty and value of your home up multiple times. Along with the pool, it is also important to think about the kind of fencing you would like to have for your pool. Besides serving the practical purpose of safety and privacy fencing can also be a great addition to enhance the complete look of your backyard. You can choose frameless glass pool fencing for a slick and classy look or the wooden fencing for a more natural and innate feel. The market is flooded with numerous varieties of pool fencing and buying the right fencing can be perplexing. You need to decide about the type of material you like, the style that would suit the ambiance of your backyard the best, and the maker and seller providing the best deal. Here are some factors that you should consider before making your decision to ensure that you choose the best fencing for your home pool.


  • Fencing gate


While looking for great-looking fencing, do not forget to include the fencing gate in the plan. It is a practical consideration for having easy, safe, and comforting entry points for your pool that also maintain the overall beauty. A popular type of gate is a self-closing and self-latching gate that closes itself by the magnetic latches. Even if you forget to close the gate, you need not worry about any intrusion.


  • Strength and resistance of the fence


It is the most important factor while deciding the type of fence you would need. The pool fencing has to take a lot from constant chlorinated splashes from the pool, weather hits, pushes by kids, dirt, and growth. It is important that your fence is strong enough to withstand all these challenges and serves its purpose for a longer duration. Keep in mind the weather condition in your area, a distance of the fence from the pool, and the way it will be used to determine the strength of the fencing you need.


  • Consider fencing height


The height of the fencing is important to ensure that it provides you the safety you expect. Experts suggest that the height should be at least four feet to ensure that your kids do not overpass it and also to place a considerable obstruction for intruders. However, you can have the fence as high as you want according to the look and size of your pool.


  • Using support poles


Unless you are looking for a frameless glass fence, supporting poles to play an important role in erecting and sustaining the fence in place. The most popular material for support poles is aluminum. You can get strength, tension, and look all in just one fencing material. Also, the number of poles you need is a big factor that affects the stability of the fence and the costing.


  • Additional features


There are several features that you can consider while choosing the pool fencing. These include screwing and installation, quality of screws, UV resistance of the fence material, etc. Also, make sure that the edges and fastening of the fence are rounded to avoid unfortunate injuries.