5 Storage Trailers Hacks for RV Travel Enthusiasts


Camping is a fantastic way of spending some quality time and exploring any destination. And your RV can be the perfect home away from home. But the problem is that most of the time, we try packing too much of our stuff, and before we know it, the RV becomes cramped quickly.

Camping should always remain a relaxing experience, and there is no justification for that RV clutter. Here are some great storage hacks for every RV enthusiast.

  1.  Shower Rod for Hanging Baskets for Toiletries

A hang plastic basket is a great RV storage hack that will help to organize your shower essentials. You should place this shower rod into your tub/shower area near the back of the wall and then have the baskets hung from them.

Each family member could be assigned a different colored basket. This prevents a situation where one person accidentally uses another member’s item.

If you have checked your local store and haven’t found the shower rods, you can even check them from online stores such as Amazon.

  1. Hanging 6 Pocket Shower Organizer

It always feels good to know where everything is in your shower. You need to have a spot for body wash, your shampoo, etc. With everything in its place, you can even shower with your eyes closed!

A shower in an RV is already small enough and having to look for a shampoo bottle makes a bad situation even worse. A hanging pocket organizer is a great way of helping you to keep your small space organized.

  1. Use Pocket Organizers on Inside of Cupboard Doors

You’ve already heard of pocket organizer for keeping your shower toiletries organized. But that’s not the only use of these wonderful organizers. The shower pockets are mesh to prevent them from pooling water, and they can also work well for holding your cleaning supplies especially under the sink. You can also store deodorants, rolled-up magazines, and other toiletries. These pockets can be cleverly stowed inside the cabinet sink door instead of leaving them cluttered on the small counter space.

  1. Magazine Rack to Store Plastic Wrap and Tin Foil

A magazine rack offers a clever way of keeping your plastic wrap and tin foil organized. It gives you a way to store them and access them easily. Other people attach Velcro strips to the magazine rack side and another strip on the inner part of the cupboard so it is raised off the bottom.

  1.  Nesting Bowls

You can maximize your cupboard space significantly by using nested kitchen bowls. And it’s even possible to cut down on the plastic by buying them in metal or glass. But note that glass comes with added weight and the rick for breaking if you will be camping where there are bumpy roads.

Your RV already has limited space, which is why you need to be very creative in how you organize your supplies. Luckily for you, there are unique ways to save on space and keep your RV prim and proper. The above highlighted are storage hacks for camp lovers.