Understanding 6 Star Energy Rating: A Perfect Guide


You must have heard about how much power saving a house with 5-star energy rated appliances do. Well, if you are a Victorian, the chances are that you have even heard about the next level, i.e., 6 star energy rating. Are you thinking what does this new rating does at all? Well, let me tell you in brief that the 6-star houses consume 24% lesser energy compared to what the 5-star energy rated houses do. 

This energy consumption taken into action is both by the heating and cooling equipment. You can now expect to see a cut by even more than a hundred dollars on your electricity bill. Heavy consumers will see even bigger differences. 

This post is all about the different things which you should know about the 6-star energy rating.

  • How Long Can The Installation Take?

Well, the installation of 6-star energy rating in your entire house or any new project is not excessively time-taking. Generally, it takes 72 hours for single dwellings with dual occupancy inside. There are also faster finishing time, and you can apply for that if you have any sort of urgency.

  • When Do You Need To Complete A 6 Star Rating For Your Home?

While you can do it at any time of the project, the better it is to do it when you have the complete design of your new project. That is the perfect time as experts can take a look at the design and decide what is okay and what needs improvement to get it to an overall good energy rating. You can also call experts after your building completes, but there is a problem as no changes in the design can be further possible.

  • Will It Empty Your Pockets For Making A 6 Star Home?

To this info, there is a yes and as well as a no as an answer. This question has some relation to the last question and that is where the answer lies. If you get an expert and ask them to make changes to your project, then making your house 6 star is not an expensive job. However, if you consider doing that after the building is complete, then yes, you can face expense.

If you fear to see your electricity bills, then it is time for a change. To make your dream project a 6 star energy rating, all that you need to do is get an expert and let him design what the best for you is.