The Doors and the Choices Now: The Best Options

Home Decoration

Many people, faced with a wide range of interior doors available on the modern construction market, are really lost before a choice.

  • What to prefer? 
  • How to choose the interior doors to the apartment? Maybe abandon this attribute?

And interior designers often offer to abandon doors altogether and prefer arches or open studios to them. Curtains instead of doors, all kinds of screens, and arches for a long period of time with an enviable frequency appeared in the design of the premises, but did not finally take root, people still returned to the traditional doors. Years pass, trends in fashion change, but high-quality and beautiful doors always remain in trend. The use of the home doors come up perfectly now.

What to look for when choosing interior doors

The choice of doors must be approached responsibly. First of all, be guided by your own taste, your own budget and, of course, carefully study the market offers.

Pay attention to the following issues:

  • purpose of the room (bathroom, kitchen, living rooms);
  • life of the door;
  • product properties (noise insulation, moisture resistance, etc.);
  • what guarantees does the manufacturer give.

How to make the right choice

To avoid mistakes when choosing doors, you must:

  1. Independently or in consultation with a specialist, choose a door design.
  2. Make accurate measurements of the openings (this includes the thickness of the piers, height and width).
  3. Decide which side the door will open.

About the size of the opening for interior doors

The openings come in different widths. If it does not exceed 90 cm, then single-leaf type doors are installed. With a larger width, you should either reduce the opening itself to the standard one with the help of mounting foam, or install doors of a different type (double-wing oar, sliding) and size.

It is desirable to purchase doors for different rooms at the same time, because products from different factory lots can differ in accessories and shade, in addition, the manufacturer can simply remove one or another model from production, and then the integrity of the interior will be violated.

How to increase the illumination of the interior

The color of the doors must be selected in accordance with the tone of furniture and floors. The doors will then play the role of an elegant and bright accent of the interior, when their shade will be more saturated compared to the same floor or furniture.

Option for the kitchen

Single-door doors with glass fragments (made of frosted or textured glass) are suitable for the kitchen. Bivalve samples with fragments of transparent or any other glass are selected in the living room. For the bathroom, study and bedroom, “deaf” doors with slightly different characteristics are suitable – they must be lightproof and soundproof.

A considerable part of people belonging to the category of frugal conservatives who are accustomed not often to change the interior, you can recommend durable models of doors made of MDF. Such doors are distinguished by respectability and quite affordable prices.

Budget version of interior doors

For those who prefer stability to frequent changes, designers offer a budget option for cheap cellular (masonite) interior doors. They can be sold in a semi-finished state (the surface is already primed, it can be painted) or completely painted. True, such doors have low noise insulation, but in the aesthetic plan there are more possibilities (you can experiment with color).