Stylish fans for a cool breeze

Home Improvement

On hot sunny days in Australia when the mercury rises even above 40 degrees Celsius, how to keep yourself cool becomes a serious issue. In order to manage harsh temperatures, people often switch on ACs and remain indoors.

The second option is to open the windows and let air flow in to help you feel cool. Besides these, you have another option of installing ceiling fans in your room that can help you bring in a cool breeze to feel comfortable.

Ceiling fans are the most cost-efficient way of keeping you and other inmates of your home or commercial place to keep you comfortable during summers, without running up your energy bills.But there’s another way to bring in the breeze. Ceiling fans are ideal for keeping things comfortable without running up your utility bill.

How ceiling fans are advantageous for you?

When it is moderately hot, an effective ceiling fan can be the best cooling option that can provide you with the desired airflow to bring down the temperature of the space.

Honestly speaking, there is no doubt that the cooling effect of an AC is much better than a fan yet during harsh summers, an AC has to work harder and may not be able to circulate air throughout the area.

But when you combine AC and a ceiling fan work together, it will reduce the workload on the AC conditioner and the fan will facilitate the cool air to circulate efficiently to create a cool chilling effect and make you comfortable.

While working, a ceiling fan does not make any sound and circulates air in a quitter way. Installation of a good quality ceiling fan can reduce your dependence on the HVAC system and can reduce energy consumption to the extent of up to 40% during summers hence ceiling fans are considered better for the environment.

Ceiling, as well as table or pedestal fans, are useful for both indoor as well as outdoor settings. Especially outdoors, where you cannot have air-conditioners, ceiling, table, or pedestal fans can be used for providing you required breeze in your veranda, patio, decks or garages, etc.

Special features in ceiling fans

With the addition of certain specific features, nowadays most fans, especially ceiling fans, look stylish and have improved a lot over time. Fans with sleeker, stylish, and colorful blades and additional features like built-in light fixture that apart from providing a cool breeze also illuminates the space.

With advancementsnowadays, fans can be controlled in modern ways like through digital remote systems or using smartphones as well as a pull cord or wall controls. Fans are also equipped with LED and timers to give them a more stylish look.

One major advantage certain models of ceiling fans offer is that they can be reversed for use in winter. By doing so air will be drawn air upward instead of pushing air down.

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