Know Where to Buy Window Valances and Choose From Its Types

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Window valances add a different level of sophistication to your barren windows. Coming in different colors and styles, if you are still wondering where to buy window valances, well, there are many online stores. But, do remember to check the quality and type of material of the valances if you do not have any plan to change it frequently. 

Window valances from branded stores usually last longer than your average window curtains. However, do check some important details like whether it is washing machine friendly or what the color quality is. Well, here are some of the types of window valances, choose what takes your fancy.

  • Try Out The Rod Pocket Valances

You can try these valances out if you have rods fixed above your windows. You can try these out if you have a special fascination towards traditional curtains. These valances have a casing stitched so that it can easily let the rod slide through their body. It looks like a shorter version of your window curtains.

  • Try Out The Tab Top Valances

These tab top window valances look like loops that swirl around the drapery rod. They look like curtains actually but are actually valances as they wrap up the top portion of the rods of your windows. Tie-top is a type of these tab top valances. They need a strip or ribbons to tie them with the rod.

  • Try Out The Festoon Valances

As the name signifies itself, festoon window valances look a lot like decorative festoons. It is not that they have real flowers on them, but their design highly leans on festoons. They have curved structures like festoons, which is a kind of folded fabric. This folded fabric wraps around the window top as a frame.

  • Try Out The Jabot Valances

These Jabot valances have tapered and draped fabrics. The two sides of the valance hang on both sides of the window. The centre rests on the mid-portion and holds the balance. You can try these beautiful valances for your windows.

  • Try Out The Cornice Valances

This is a different type of window valance, which needs wooden support. It is the cornice itself. The valance is quite simple. The fabric of the valance is either pleated or padded. Sometimes it is also flat in shape. The cornice valance needs the stand to mount on. 

Are you thinking from where to buy window valances? Well, hop on to a reputed online store.