Kitchen Cabinets: Should We Reface, Replace, Or Paint?



Kitchen cabinets are one of the essential item that you need to complete your galley. This is definitely one of the many many items that a visitor sees and remembers whenever someone will visit your home.

When you are thinking of transforming your old kitchen cabinets into a new one, there are three options where you can choose from: Refacing, replacing, or painting.

But before you come up with your final decision, you first need to consider some factors on the following:

  1. Refacing your kitchen cabinets

In refacing your kitchen cabinets, you can buy or purchase new cabinet doors and drawer fronts for your existing cabinets.

This project is helpful to people, especially those who have a limited amount of money.

  1. Replacing your kitchen cabinets

Replacing kitchen cabinets is the perfect plan for homeowners who have furniture like kitchen cabinets that are already old, rusty, and worn out.

This will also help change the heavily damaged and falling part house items into brand new ones.

  1. Painting your kitchen cabinets

This is the last option that you can do for your kitchen cabinets at home. This is the cheapest yet easiest way of changing the look of your kitchen cabinets. In painting, you can choose different colors and you can also mix and match from a wide variety of paints.

If you’re thinking of kitchen cabinet refacing in La Mesa or cabinet refacing in La Mesa, contact a reliable kitchen company.

And to know more about this, check out this infographic.