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A bedsheet speaks volumes about your personality apart from elevating the look of your overall bedroom. If you are planning to redecorate your bedroom but you’re still on a budget, you can still go ahead with your plan by buying a new spread for your bed.

Bedsheets are made of several fabrics these days such as cotton, linen, synthetic and even silk. But did you know that the first bedsheets were made out of linen, derived from flax plants? Egyptians have been cultivating and weaving linen for centuries. Linen is more popular because it is softer than cotton.

If you are looking forward to buying a bedsheet for your bedroom, Myntra is just the correct destination for you. There are several bedsheets available online as compared to the ones available in stores. You can scroll through hundreds of designs, fabrics and prints. The best part about buying a bedsheet online is that you can get one of your choices within your budget.

From bedsheets of single beds to double beds to queen size to king size, you can get every kind of bedsheet under one roof. If you want bedsheets with pillow covers too, you can find them on Myntra. If you are looking for top-notch quality, Egyptian cotton is the one to choose from, which offers comfort like no other fabric.

Now that you’re buying a bedsheet, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind such as:

  1. Before buying bedsheets, consider the size of your bed. You can measure the size of your mattress to know the exact size you need to order such as king, double size or queen size. If you are buying cotton bedsheets, you need to buy a size bigger because they will shrink after one wash.
  2. Fabric is the most important thing you need to consider while buying bedsheets because comfort should be your main priority. Egyptian cotton is the best fabric you can invest in. If you have been complaining about not getting good sleep every night, invest in Egyptian cotton bedsheets, which offer the ultimate comfort and softness. However, if your budget doesn’t allow you to get Egyptian cotton, you can settle for an affordable option such as polyester. You can also opt for silk bedsheets and pillow covers, especially if you want to reduce hair fall.
  3. The print and designs on the bedsheets should all depend on the overall decor of your bedroom. If the walls of your bedroom are covered in murals and you have extensive decors such as colourful vases and other art on display, you can opt for a plain bedsheet. However, if your walls are plain, you can opt for colourful bedsheets with varying prints.
  4. When choosing the pattern of the bedsheet, go for prints that resonate with your taste. You can opt for florals or geometric prints. If you’re artistic, you can settle for abstract prints while stripes and checks are more suitable for people with a vivacious personality.

With so many options to choose from, you can buy the best bedsheets for your bedroom.