Easy Options You Can Take Up in Apartment Decoration


Let your eyes think that your room is bigger than it really is in this blog we will give you the easy tips on how to decorate a small apartment.

Place The Mirror Opposite The Window

Mirrors are often used in small spaces to create the illusion of a larger room the best way is to place them in front of windows. The mirrors reflect the light from the windows, giving the impression that the mirrors are windows. This is a part of the small apartment decorating ideas now.

Place The Mirror Behind The Lamp

Another tip for mirror decoration is to place them behind lamps or other light sources. The light from the lamp is reflected through the mirror into the room and makes the room look bigger. You can use this tip for example with pendants and table lamps.

Favor Multipurpose Furniture

You definitely want to make the most of every space so think about how you could make use of multi-purpose furniture. One of the best examples is the sofa bed , which bends for two purposes.

Another example is a footstool that can be used both as a storage space and as an extra seat for guests. Or you can rest your feet on it at the end of a long day.

Choose Light-Looking Furniture

When choosing furniture for a small apartment, you prefer light-looking furniture. The idea is not whether the furniture is really light or heavy, but rather how it looks to your eyes and whether it makes the room look airier. Often it may also be a good idea to choose light colors or materials, but that does not mean that you should avoid dark or dark wood furniture completely. If the room still looks light, it may be just the right choice for your small room or apartment.

Prefer Consistent Colors And Materials

To keep a small space calm and beautiful, try to avoid a large variety of colors and materials. Choose the same type of colors or shades for all furniture. In the picture below for the bedroom, we have chosen shades of gray for curtains, bed frames, pillows and bedspreads. In addition, the pillow and the blanket have the same pattern and material, so that the expression becomes calm and unified.

Your own lighting

In rental properties you often see cheap and unattractive lighting. Will you let that hang? Of course not. Replace them with beautiful copies that match your personality. You keep the old fixtures and put them back when you move.

A floor lamp next to the cupboard, a wall lamp above the sofa or a table lamp on the TV furniture will make the living room guaranteed cozy. Note: opt for light sources that provide warm light.

Create Small Areas

Think about everything you do in your small apartment for example, sleeping, eating, relaxing, watching TV and maybe working. Once you have identified all your needs, create areas for all of them, or at least the most important things to do. Use long curtains or houseplants to divide the space into two smaller areas.