Choosing The Perfect Wood Flooring for Your Home


Home decor often focuses on the minute aspects of design. From detailed textures to a wall to how perspective stands to change the vibe of a room. However, it is important to address a major element of the room – the floor. How you approach flooring can determine how the space as a whole look and feels over a long term.

As such, flooring is best left to a material that:

  • Is durable
  • Fits into various aesthetics
  • Is accessible

Wood is the clear winner in this regard. This raw material is a mainstay in home-decor, and also in flooring. For quality flooring, three popular types are available. Here’s the nuances of each and how you can choose the perfect wood floor:

Laminated Hardwood

Laminated hardwood is unique in the sense that it isn’t traditional wood, but rather a mimic. This is a cost-effective solution that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. It is built from various layers, including a high-quality photographic layer which adds to the entire wood aesthetic. While ‘faux’ in nature, laminated hardwood floors are highly resistant to scratches and wear. These are perfect in high-traffic areas, especially when cost is a concern.

Solid Hardwood

A classic for all the right reasons, solid hardwood flooring is a go-to choice. This wood flooring is crafted from a single piece of wood and can be customized further to achieve the perfect look. For instance, sanding and refinishing can provide a more smoother feel. A solid hardwood floor reflects elegance, perfect for a living room or dining area. The best part – no two solid hardwood installations are the same, owing to the unique patters and colour variations of natural wood. 

Engineered Wood

This is a wood floor type that finds a neat balance between the authenticity of real wood and the cost-effectiveness of laminated hardwood. Engineered wood floors, as the name suggests, are constructed from multiple layers of wood veneers and bonded together. This negates any harmful impact that humidity may have on the floor, such as expansion and contraction. Engineered wood is versatile, but is best suited for basements and spaces with fluctuating moisture levels.

Wood flooring is exciting to include in any home decor and renovation project. However, quality is a key concern. If the raw material itself was weak, or if the installation was done poorly, the longevity of your floor is called into question. This is where you can trust planchers Decor Chantilly for their reliable material and exquisite design.