3 Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing A Vacuum Cleaner 


The vacuum cleaner is a major investment and hence, it is natural for you to have a lot of questions which you might want to address before taking a plunge. When you finally decide to bring home a vacuum cleaning device and additional Kirby generation 6 parts along with it, here are the 3 important things which you need to consider. 

  • Know your Type: 

The shopping part, which makes everything so confusing, is the countless variety of options available to choose from. You can make this task a little less annoying by gaining a deep understanding of your cleaning requirements.

If you are not too sure, you can make a start by focusing on the feature that you are looking for in your device. For example, to get rid of the constant hassle of plugging and unplugging, you could simply go with a cordless device.

Similarly, if your requirement revolves around vacuuming large spaces, the normal upright version will work just fine, however, for cleaning the small crevices, you might require a handheld device.

Here are the commonly available vacuum cleaner categories that you can take a pick from:

  • Upright: This is standard and widely used vacuum cleaning device, here, the motor as well as the cleaning head, both are fixated in the same unit. 
  • Canister: Under this model, the motor and suction head are placed in separate units.
  • Handheld device: These are portable and are easy to reach out to the difficult places for cleaning. 
  • Robotic: This is the highly advanced and programmable form of the vacuum cleaning device- It’s an auto operated machine with minimal manual functionality.


  • Know the Specifications: 

It is important to run through the specifications so that you do not miss out on the features that are required in your cleaning machine. Some of the salient features include.

  • Battery: It specifies how much a device runs on a single charge.
  • Weight: If the weight of the machine is a deciding factor then you must pay heed to it. 
  • Bagless: If you do not want the hassle of purchasing dirt collection bags, specifically look for a bagless variant. 
  • Purchase Time:

Once you have decided the vacuum model, the next step is to choose your buying time wisely. You can avail the advantage of spring season sale held between Apr-May. Or, you may also plan around the festive season to avail huge discounts on the vacuum cleaners as well as the Kirby vacuum parts.

Make sure you run through all these points to reach the right investment decision.