The lifespan of basement waterproofing

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Basement waterproofing is the only solution to moist and musty basement walls and flooring. Rain or snowmelt can damage your property with water leakage without an effective remedy. The damage can be structural, health-wise, or monetary. If left unaddressed, your property may need costly repairs too.

Hence, the first thing is to find out the water source entering the basement. Is it because of humidity or seepage? Are the gutters and downspouts functioning properly? Once you inspect all these points, you will find out the source of leakage. Depending on the cause, you can choose the right basement waterproofing solution. But, the major concern for all homeowners is how long the waterproofing will last?

The lifespan of basement waterproofing

Basement waterproofing is not a one-size-fits-all remedy as every house is unique; their basement problems are also distinct. Multiple issues add to wet basement problems such as cracked walls, improper backfilling, and structural damage. Hence, the waterproofing solution may also differ.

Primer and paint, interior waterproofing, exterior waterproofing, crack injections are options that a contractor uses for basement waterproofing. Though primers and crack injections are temporary solutions, they come with a warranty of 5 to 10 years. They can last long if applied correctly. Professional basement waterproofing enhances the lifespan of the structure. The results of exterior waterproofing can last for decades. It is maintenance-free.

Environmental situations

It is important to make efforts above the ground to enhance your waterproofing life. Draft an inclination of 2% sloping away from the building to allow water to flow away easily. 

Gutters and drain pipes also help in channelizing water away from your basement. Just make sure you pay attention to their maintenance and keep your drain clear and unclogged.

How to get the most out of your waterproofing?

Water exposure should be reduced internally and externally. If there are any leaks, you should contact a foundation waterproofing contractor instantly. The contractor will inspect the property, check the gutter and share the reasons responsible for the damage. With your gutters regularly cleaned and proper inclination around your home, the water will be forced away.

As every basement is unique, the waterproofing technique recommended also differs. As a result, suggesting a reasonable cost and lifespan may be tough. You can get around 10 years of warranty for primer and paint sealant and around three decades warranty for other waterproofing methods.

Water shortens the life

Water is your biggest enemy when it comes to your basement. Basements are majorly used for storage, a lounge room, or a home theatre. It is basically responsible for the structural integrity of your home. Hence, if you notice any water stains, you should instantly take action. Contact waterproofing company for inspection and take the suggested steps. With the right steps, you can get rid of the issues in your basement and have a moisture-free, dry basement. For more information or immediate inspection of your basement, give us a call now, and we will visit your place at the scheduled time.