What Sets Beverly Hills Real Estate Apart in Terms of Luxury Amenities?

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When it comes to luxury real estate markets in the US, few have held up, as well as Beverly Hills, California. Iconic and storied, many dream of owning properties in this area, including top celebrities, businessmen, and politicians. Such affluent potential home buyers want the very best for their homes and are ready to pay top dollar for it. If you are fortunate enough to own a home in Beverly Hills luxury real estate, here are 5 luxurious amenities you want to see in a property.

Exclusive Spa and Infinity Pool

One of the main reasons people relocate to Beverly Hills is to enjoy the year-round sunshine. A private pool and spa area is the ideal place to soak up the California sun in style.

Impressive outdoor living areas featuring an infinity pool and bar will wow any buyer in Beverly Hills. Vanishing glass partitions between the living room and the outside pool area of the home are also very popular.

When the pool deck area seamlessly integrates with the interior living and gathering areas, it creates a fantastic open area for entertaining guests, which is a characteristic that luxury house purchasers strive for in a property.

Huge Multi-Car Garages

Most people living in Beverly Hills frequently own numerous luxury vehicles. Therefore, a huge multi-car garage is an important amenity for house buyers. A multi-vehicle garage offers valuable storage space for expensive vehicles, motorcycles, and other objects. Besides, this multi-vehicle garage helps keep assets secure and hidden.

Smart Home Technology

When looking for a luxury home, numerous buyers opt for residences with cutting-edge smart home technology. Smart home technology can include anything from automated temperature control to security systems, and lighting. This technology improves convenience, and peace of mind, while also adding a layer of security.

Gourmet Kitchen

Another key feature to seek in Beverly Hills luxury real estate is a gourmet kitchen. This kitchen is where you will prepare meals when entertaining guests and holding dinner parties, so it must be of the highest culinary standards.

This kitchen should be equipped with top-end appliances, such as Wolf, Subzero, and Viking is a must-have for a luxury home. Besides, the kitchen must be spacious, with enough room for food preparation and storage. You should also look for a large central island, a butler’s pantry, and a huge walk-in pantry.

Home Theater

A modern theater room with comfortable seats and cutting-edge audio and video technology is ideal for entertaining family and friends. People are watching more TV shows and movies at home than ever before, thanks to streaming services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Netflix.

A specialized home theater will provide you with the ideal space to unwind after a long day or to host a movie night with colleagues or friends. To add an upscale feel to the theater room, Beverly Hills real estate agent Jade Mills might advise looking out for a kitchenette and custom bar for cooking and serving drinks.

Find Your Dream Luxury Home in Beverly Hills with Jade Mills

Beverly Hills real estate market is extremely competitive, with exclusive off-market inventory available only to a select few. Having a local real estate agent on your side who understands the market’s intricacies opens up new options for you, providing you with a distinctive edge over the competition. This is what Jade Mills brings to the table. Contact Jade Mills today to begin your journey to homeownership in Beverly Hills.