Bar Stools: 5 Ways To Hang Out With Them

Home Decoration

With home furnishing, you should not expect to purchase everything easily. You must be aware that some items are hard to purchase like bar stools – even if they look simple. With this, you must spend time choosing the right one.

While choosing the right bar stool can be a bit tricky, there are some ways that you can consider to be successful. At the end of the day, your goal is to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Remember that bar stools should be considered a staple kitchen seating choice.  

To help you get started, here are some ways to hang out with them:

Pick the right height

The first order of business is to pick the right height but How high is an average bar stool? You must know that bar stools come in four standard heights. The key here is to measure the height of your tabletop.

  • For tabletops 28 to 30 inches: the right bar stool height for this tabletop is somewhere between 16 to 23 inches.
  • For countertops 35 to 39 inches: the right bar stool height for this countertop is somewhere between 24 to 27 inches.
  • For bar 41 to 43 inches: the right bar stool height is somewhere between 28 to 33 inches.
  • For tall countertops 44 to 47 inches: the right bar stool height for this countertop is somewhere between 33 to 40 inches.
  • For versatile spaces: if you want a versatile stool, you should opt for an adjustable one. These stools are designed with hydraulic pumps allowing you to move the seat upward and downward according to your needs and what space requires.

Select proper seating style

When it is time to select a seating style, you should always go for comfort. You must know that there are three seating variations. This will depend on the back height.

  • Full back: this is similar to dining chairs. When it comes to eating daily meals or hanging out with friends, this is by far the most comfortable seating style.
  • Low back: low back seating style offers a bit of support. This style tends to tilt but it can be comfortable enough.
  • Backless: many consider backless stools because it can be tucked easily under the counter. However, the longer you sit, the less comfortable it is. After hanging out, a back problem is imminent.

Check the “noise factor”

Bar stools will make notorious noises if you do not pay attention. This will end up scraping your wooden floorboards or tiled floors. Aside from checking if the legs of the stools have a protective rubber, you should give it a test run. This is how you determine the “noise factor”. 

Add a feature piece

If your kitchen or bar is minimally designed, it is time that you consider adding a feature piece. Aside from improving the feel of the space, it can also serve as a conversation piece whenever friends are hanging around.

Try to mix and match

If you want a different look, you should mix and match different styles of stool. The secret here is to keep one element alike. With this, you can still maintain cohesion. Do not worry because the outcome is guaranteed gorgeous.