A Few Factors to Consider Before a Tree Removal


A tree takes many years to grow fully and it always provides benefits to the surrounding atmosphere. However, when the situation comes to remove a tree from your lawn, it always disheartening. As we know trees can live between fifty to thousands of years, despite their huge benefits sometimes we have to cut down the tree. Because it’s posing some threats to its near homes and people who are living there. If a tree has become a big cause of concern for you and you want a tree removal Mississauga service, you may get in touch with Al Miley & Associates for best service. But you must go through the following factors that should be considered before removing a tree:

How healthy your tree is?

Some people go for tree pruning st. charles mo or removal because it is not in good health, but do you know the signs that indicate about the poor health of your tree? It may include stunted growth, peculiar shaped tree or leaves. Moreover, if half of the tree looks to be discolored, injured or just have diverse look, this might be a reason to remove a tree. If you haven’t seen any poor indication and have a doubt about your tree health, you must get help from a certified arborist to inspect it

How is its trunks health?

The tree’s trunks also show the sign of poor health such as; cavities, cracks, open wounds or dead branches. All the indications are the sign of a dangerous tree that can fall over at any time and may put anything and anyone nearby in risk.

How about the roots of the tree?

Moreover, you must look after the tree roots. If the tree roots have begun damaging or rotting, you must remove it. Besides it, if you have seen any lean in the tree, it is representing the root issues. In such a case, it should be removed as soon as possible.

Are there minor branches sprouting out at the bottom of the tree?

This seems appealing, but the tree is in serious stress and it may have fungus and rot on your radar. The reasons can be:

  • An injury incurred from the construction
  • Excavation
  • Too much sun
  • Compacting soil

In such circumstances, the tree should be removed. 

Is the tree located beneath hydro lines?

If the tree is just under the eclectic lines and is in a growing phase, it should be removed as soon as feasible as it may lead to several risks to people who are living nearby it.