Why Fireplaces Are a Must-Have in Your House

Home Improvement

A warm, cozy evening; a cup of coffee, a soft comfortable rug, fuzzy socks, a good book, kids playing around and pets snoring away – this would be the perfect setting for a holiday, if you have a fireplace to sit by.

A fireplace is a great value addition in homes for it provides you with comfort, elegance and beautiful vibes.

If you are thinking whether a fireplace would be worth the investment; or if you are unsure of bringing back the old fireplace to life, here are some reasons to help you decide.


  • Provides heating


The most common and important purpose of a fireplace is providing heat. This is a great way to keep your house warm at an affordable price. Fireplaces are the best option for heating the house in times of a power cut as well.

The heat from fireplaces will not make you feel dryness in the air or on your skin which could happen with room heaters. Also, if you light a fire when most family members are in the same room, you save energy spent on heating the whole house.


  • Adds to the décor and atmosphere


Along with warmth, a fire adds ambient lighting to your spaces, converting a well-decorated room into an even more charming and elegant one. This is a great spot to enjoy indoor activities and spend quality time with your loved ones. Fireplaces offer a dreamy, romantic escape right at home.


  • Energy efficient


Fireplaces are highly energy efficient as they do not make use of oil like conventional heaters and furnaces. If you have a fireplace that uses wood instead of electricity, it will be even more cost-effective; reducing your monthly energy bills. It is cheaper to use a fireplace than expensive generators when the power is out.


  • Increases value of your house


Fireplaces increase the value of your house. Potential home buyers are more attracted to a house that has a fireplace and are ready to pay more for it. 

So, if you are thinking of refacing a fireplace that you already have or installing a new one, do it soon and see a rise in your real estate value. 

Wood-burning fireplaces are the most popular, but no matter which one you put in, it will raise the value of your house.


  • Serves as a cooking fire


Your fireplace can also be used as a fire for kids to roast marshmallows in, or to reheat your soup, hot chocolate and coffee. The fire offers you a medium to cook on, in case storms or hurricanes cause long power outages. You will not have to worry about cooking or home heating at such times if you have a fireplace and enough wood.


  • Fireplaces are eco-friendly


Fossil fuels like natural gas and oil, used in furnaces are non-renewable sources of energy. A wood burning fire place that uses old or fallen trees, is environment friendly. Buying firewood in large quantities during the off-season will be cheaper as well.