Why And When To Clean Your Car Floor Mats?

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Cleaning the interior of your car is essential not only for comfort but also for cleanliness and to fight against bad odors, especially since the carpets and floor mats of a vehicle are particularly vulnerable.

The Frequency Of Maintenance Of Its Car Floor Mats

The frequency of maintenance of car mats varies according to several parameters. The first is the quality of the carpet. The lower it is, the more you have to be vigilant and pay attention to it. If the rugs themselves are of poor quality and poorly maintained, the ambient humidity, especially in winter, will pass through them, and then rush into the floor, which will accelerate its deterioration by the phenomenon of corrosion. It is therefore recommended that you opt for Premium or Classic rugs such as those offered mainly by Unimat.

In addition to this risk of deterioration of the floor, time may eventually raise problems of bad odors against which you must imperatively protect yourself. Indeed, not only carpets are made of materials that firmly retain dirt, but it is even more evident that it is the accessories of a car that are most exposed to the risks of degradation, both visual and olfactory.

The frequency of carpet maintenance also depends on the environment in which you live as well as the use you make of your car. For example, if you live by the sea, the wear caused by the sea air will be faster, and the dirt brought back by your shoes inside the car, coupled with the presence of children and pets aboard it, will undoubtedly require more effort. This also applies to the mountains, where snow can quickly become problematic.

At a minimum, carpet cleaning should, therefore, be done around three times a year, more frequently depending on the various parameters mentioned above. On average, it is done once every month. At best, once a week. But the frequency of maintenance depends on that of use of the car.