What Happens During a Pest Inspection?


If you have been noticing some pest activities around the house and worried about the health impact, it is essential that you should ask for a pest inspection at the earliest. Prevention is much better than having to get rid of a serious pest infestation at a later stage. 

Introduction – The pest inspection professional will arrive at your home and introduce them to you. You should be comfortable with them being at your place since they will conduct inspection inside and outside of your house. You can ask any questions you might have about the process.

Entry Point Inspection – The first thing they will do is check all the entry areas around the house such as the doors, windows, pipes, garage, attics, crawlspaces, and others. These are the areas where the pests enter the home, and the professionals will try to locate the entry areas. 

Outdoor Examination – After that, the professional will check the yard or garden along with the rest of the property. It will allow them to check for present pest issue and try to locate areas that can be a concern for the future too. 

Moisture Check – The professional will also check the moisture in your home as too much moisture can attract pests to your home. 

Review and Submit Report – The professional will take some time and create a list of all the findings and help create a plan in case of a pest infestation is found. 

Discussion on the Course of Action – The professional will then sit down with you and discuss the report with you. They will let you know what is happening around the house and what steps should be taken to solve the issue at hand. 

Depending on the findings, the termite control company will begin treating your home. Make sure that you hire a professional and prepare yourself and your family for the process. It might be a complex process, but it will allow you and your family to live pest-free in the future.