Warning Signs Boiler Needs Professional Service


Boiler issues are not only inconvenient but even expensive. If left unattended, it can be potentially dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a regular boiler maintenance program. Even though unforeseen issues can occur all of a sudden.

Warning signs indicating boiler needs professional help

Pilot light burns in an abnormal flame

Pilot light is boiler’s ignition source. If it does not stay lighted then the burners cannot turn on. If the light burns with a yellow flame then it indicates there is accumulation of carbon monoxide, so it is functioning poorly. You need to look for gas boiler repairs near me right away to have it checked. 

Unusual boiler noises

Strange noises coming unexpectedly from the boiler is a sure sign that something is wrong. It can be mechanical clatters like clunking and knocking or air-related noises like whistling and whirling or water related sounds like sloshing and gurgling. It can be due to faulty fan, damaged heat pump, blocked system or broken heat exchanger. Call qualified engineer for repairs and be safe!

Water leaks

Act quickly, whenever you notice water pools around the boiler. Leaks can be because of failure or broken interior part. It does not take time for a small drip turn into serious leak. Try to located the leak and help the technician to identify the issue and repair the boiler quickly.

Strange smells

Unusual smell coming from the boiler means killer gas leakage. Carbon monoxide is odorless but an eggy smell coming from boiler along with dark spots on casing means carbon monoxide leakage, which can be fatal.

Slow heating of water

If boiler takes long time than necessary to heat means there is a circulation issue. Call technicians to detect and repair it, so that hot water flows instantly as expected.

Increasing energy bills

Any unexpected increase in energy bills means inefficient boiler performance. The boiler may be performing poorly, so you are experiencing energy bill increase. Call the boiler service company and have them give it a full service. 

It is wise to be safe, so call a reputable boiler repair service as soon as you detect the warning signs!