Wall art ideas: The most beautiful wall art to spice up your living room

Giving your room a makeover can easily be done by styling it differently. What to think of, for example, new wall art? It gives a room a complete new look and feel, without hurting your back from moving the couch. We have collected the most beautiful wall art pieces for you to give your room(s) a quick makeover!

1. Create your own photoframe wall

Source: Crate and Barrel

First things first: why bother relying on what’s available while you can use family photo’s or pictures you love as a photoframe wall? It’s quite easy, personal and can change the whole space. Momtastic made a super cool article showing how it’s done so you can easily get started. You can buy vintage frames, or get a 15 pack of black picture frames which are stunning. You’ll need some some other stuff too:

– Kraft paper
– Painters tape
– Hammer
– Nails
– Black frame, or a multipack of black frames

2. This really cool pineapple painting with frame

Doesn’t that look SWEET! Imagine this hanging on your wall, painting a smile on your face every day. You’ll almost taste the sweet juice of pineapple just by looking at this modern framed art. Provides a cheerful splash of color with specks of spray in the background. It arrives ready to hang in a black-painted wood frame, but we chose the gold frame for this example. It really compliments the painting. Awesome. You can buy it on Amazon from $49,99, for the smallest one.

3. For those who really love New York

We love New York. We do. We also love pop-art. And we love this piece! Cosmopolitan meets artsy in this stained glass-look interpretation of a map of New York City. This mostly white canvas print with accents of primary colors of red, yellow and blue will liven up a wall in a contemporary setting. Nothing to be afraid of though. Works really well in a quiet living room. Available on Amazon from $256, which is steep, but worth it. By the way, if you like San Fran more, check this out.

4. A 20’s feel

Doesn’t that look great? This beautiful piece, with it’s white border, has a great 20’s feel to it. The black and white photo of a young woman from the Roaring 20s has been recreated with modern yellow, blue and purple silhouettes. The hand-stretched canvas arrives in a white floater flame, ready to create a conversation piece in your room. You can buy the piece on Amazon.

5. Go gold

Gold is never a bad idea, especially with this one. What a beautiful, sophisticated piece. The palm trees are silhouetted against a gold background in this modern piece with a touch of glam. It arrives matted and housed in a handsome black frame, ideal for adding an eclectic twist to an otherwise neutral room. One of our favorites, and VERY reasonable priced at $49.99 – we are happy with it.

6. This little pupper

Despite the fact that it’s really cute, it’s really charming and well done. You and your guests will find this charming art piece difficult to resist. Mostly black and white with accents of pink, this French bulldog print will add a smile to your face and a sweet, sophisticated touch to your home. The version you see here is available on Amazon for $89.99, there’s also a smaller version available for $39.99, but we prefer the bigger one. Make a statement.

7. The minimalistic one

Sometimes less is more, and that goes well with this minimalistic pyramid. It’s pretty in it’s own way and makes sense. We love it. It’s $49.99 and available on Amazon.

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