Tips for Do-It-Yourself CCTV installation


For people who have opted to get a CCTV system, they are probably now facing the question of how to install CCTV! The truth is that most people really should have a professional install their CCTV security system. They are more complicated than regular systems and require much more attention. Some companies do charge extra for installation and if money is an issue, then there may be no other option but to install the system oneself.

For those out there who are installing a CCTV system on their own, here are a few tips:

Plan Ahead – This is the most important part of the process and it must be done before anyone picks up a single tool! Installing a CCTV system takes time and a lot of effort. If something isn’t done correctly or isn’t put up in the right place, it has to be taken down and everything has to be done over again!

The best way to start is with something like a road map. With today’s access online, it should be possible to print up a basic floorplan of a home. With that, one should then plan how and where to set up the cameras. Keep in mind that these cameras have to be put in the best possible places to pick up on anyone breaking in.

There are also a limited number of cameras in a system, so one has to think strategically when deciding where they should go. Putting a camera in a place to monitor a doorway is a great idea. Putting a camera up to monitor an interior hallway may not be quite as effective if it means the intruder is already in the home!

It’s all about the right tools for the right job! – Installing a CCTV system should not involve multiple trips to the hardware store because one keeps discovering that they don’t have the tool they need at different points of the installation. This is also something that is done before a single camera is put up.

There are multiple tutorials online that show how to install a CCTV system. It’s good to take a look at a few of them ahead of time and determine all of the tools that are needed to complete the job. This is a great time saver in the long run.

Cheap doesn’t mean better – For camera systems like this, a cable has to be chosen that is appropriate to the equipment. First, know exactly which cable is required by the system. Second, realize that there are likely several different brands for that type of cable.

It’s important to take the time to choose a good quality cable for this project and to know that it has to last a long time! So, even though a cable might be cheaper, it may also be of inferior quality.

Now, that the basics are ready to go, thanks to these tips, go ahead and take a look online to get started on installing that CCTV system!