The Value of Emergency Conversion Kit

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Emergency Conversion Kit is a valuable service that is often ignored until any accident happens. Emergency lighting providesthe illumination that enables people to see clearly, to avoid obstacles.

We should know why it is essential to have emergency lighting, and it starts with safety. If there is a power cut, stairways need to remain lit to be walkable. Emergency lighting in hallways and exits can calm down nerves during a power outage. More importantly, emergency lighting should illuminate areas during emergency so that it is easier for people to evacuate the building. This is another reason emergency exit signs should be illuminated.

Emergency lighting is a crucial service, and periodical maintenance is a requirement. It is essential that the emergency lighting is installed, routinely inspected, regularly serviced and maintained by qualified electrical personnel.

These are the reason why it’s important to have emergency lighting kit:

Safe and Timely Evacuations

In case of emergencies like a fire, when the fire alarm goes off, the first thing people look for is the emergency exits. The faster people see the exits, the sooner they will be able to evacuate and get to the safe place.

In the case of a fire, it’s important for people to get out of the property before they get affected by the smoke or the fire spreads.To keep your building safe for the people who use it, you will need to make sure your lights always work correctly with an emergency lighting kit.

Stairwells Stay Lit


If the power were to go out, people could still walk in the corridors, but stairwells are dangerous during a power outage, people are more likely to trip or fall down the stairs. During a power outage, you don’t want people to be stranded in the stairwells.

The best way to keep people safe during a power cut is to install emergency lighting kit. The emergency lighting kit is designed to stay illuminated during power outages so people can safely easily walk through the stairway and quickly evacuate.

People Are Calmer During Emergencies


Dark places often lead to anxiety and panic attacks. During an emergency, people want to know how they can save themselves. If the emergency lighting kit is installed in hallways and stairways, people understand how they need to escape during emergencies.

If you have a store or commercial building, you need to be aware that many people who visit the building are not familiar with the layout of the building. Being in an unfamiliar place in emergencies is worrying, but it’s less frightening when you can see the exits.

First Responders Can Do Their Jobs

For the responders also, an emergency lighting kit can help a lot. Emergency lighting allows rescuers to move through your building. They are also not familiar with the layout with the building, mainly when they have visited the place for the first time through a haze of smoke.

Fortunately, lighted exit signs cut through the darkness and smoke so responders can do their job. Search and rescue teams will also need to be able to see the emergency exits clearly if they are going into your building to look for survivors.