The pool and the best Choices for Your Steps

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Your pool is buried or semi-buried and its surface is between 10 and 100m2 and its height above ground does not exceed 60cm. A visit to is essential there. You can be sure of the same.

  • The basin is installed less than 3m from the property limits.
  • Your pool is above ground and exceeds 1m in height and 20m2 in area.

You do not need authorization if:

  • The surface of your pool does not exceed 10m2.
  • The height of your pool does not exceed 1.80m the open pool.

Your pool is a temporary above ground installation. Its installation duration cannot exceed 3 months in the year, or 15 days if your land is located in a protected area.

You need a building permit if:

  • The surface of the pool exceeds 100m2.
  • Your pool is covered and this shelter exceeds 1.8m in height.
  • Your pool is indoor or if your pool cover exceeds 20m2, the technical room of the pool exceeds 20m2 of footprint.
  • Your pool is semi-buried and exceeds 60cm above ground.

Swimming Pool Construction: What Are The Main Stages Of My Project?

Each type of pool has its construction stages. Price and construction times are also factors impacted by the shape, size and materials used. Here are the main steps that await you for the construction of your pool:

The tracing of the swimming pool of measurement and delimitation of the places of your swimming pool by the contractor in charge

The earthworks which consists in digging your swimming pool and removing the earth

  • Drainage, essential in the presence of a water table, clayey or sloping soil and which consists of the arrangement of drain around the basin and foundations to deflect the pressures of water inflows.


  • The structure of the swimming pool which corresponds to the foundations of the basin. This step will depend on the construction process you have chosen (see above). And for good water circulation, this step will be important for the parts to be sealed (skimmers and discharge nozzles).

The pipes: any pool requires a filtration system that will preserve the quality of the water. You can then choose to install either a room near your swimming pool, or to connect the system to your house.

Backfilling: once the correct placement of the elements (parts to be sealed, drainage, pipes, etc.) confirmed, this will be the step of covering the holes and filling the area around your pool.

  • The laying of the covering or the step that comes to dress the pool of your dreams. The coating that you can choose during this step depends on the construction process you have chosen.


This is the Primodial stage after which you can finally enjoy your dream pool. The filling time can then take a few days depending on the size of your pool.