The Importance of Maintaining Your Roof


Many of us only think about our roof when it’s too late, but having a good roof above your head can provide you the defence you need when battling the elements such as, wind, rain, snow, hail and even heat! You roof will deteriorate every day unless your roof is properly maintained.

The main cause of roof deterioration is poor upkeep and maintenance. During your routine maintenance you should regularly inspect it and carry out any necessary repairs, before it gets to late down the line and you’ll see your house suffer in consequence.

Different roof types have varied lifespans but this can be reduced dramatically depending on the care you give it. Typically, a roof can last on average 15 to 30 years. So, if you don’t really want to fork out for a whole new roof I suggest you keep on top of it to prevent any future mishaps.

Maybe you’re still wondering why maintaining your roof is so important? Take a look below to find out why.

Your warranty doesn’t protect you completely

A warranty can give you a false sense of security, so it’s important to remember that just because your roof came with a warranty that you are completely covered and it will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked.

Like all legal documents there will be exceptions with a limited value and can easily be voided if installed incorrectly or damage is caused by installing a satellite dish for instance. So before you continue to neglect your roof in hope that your warranty will cover it, check the small print.

Specialist companies such as Roofing Llandudno recommend that you get a professional inspection every few years or any time there has been a dramatic weather even such as high winds which may have affected it. By doing so you will ensure that you warranty remains active and you will be able to show that your roof has been regularly maintained.

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Curb Appeal

Your roof is one of the largest parts of your house and can add or take value away from your houses curb appeal. Not only do you want your house to look amazing from the inside but also from the outside. Curb appeal is something that your neighbours and potential buyers will be looking for when moving to the neighbourhood.

Not only will your roof suffer as a consequence of bad maintenance, but if your gutters are not regularly tended to, allowing insignificant drainage from rain and snow, it can ruin your landscape as well as the gutters themselves.

Saves Money

You may think how will it save you money if you need to pay a professional to maintain the roof? Well, during emergency situations, the chances are you are going to find a roofing company that is local to you regardless of their prices. Let’s face it you’ve not got time to shop around now when your walls and floors are being ruined by a leaky roof!

Roofing companies make the majority of their money from emergency call outs and that’s not including a new roof.

It will be worth your time thinking about roof maintenance in the future to avoid any costly repercussions.