The Changing Face of Transmissions


To keep your vehicle’s engine in the best health, you need to pay considerable attention to the transmission. While repairs and replacements should be left to mechanics, other industries such as manufacturing and engineering look to professionals serving the power transmissions Austin area companies operate. Power transmissions are not just automotive components; they significantly impact the movements of machinery in industries of all kinds. However, transmission isn’t just a term for mechanical or engine components. Transmission is also used with regard to the transfer of electricity from one location to another.

New Developments in Asia

High above the banks of the Yangtze River, Chinese workers have begun assembly on the world’s first transmission line that can carry over 1.1 million volts. This is an impressive feat, as the United States has struggled to produce any elements capable of transmitting more the 500,000 volts. The purpose of this government-controlled utility venture is to connect power plants that are located deep within the China interior to cities that are along the coastal regions. In the past, the longer the voltage had to travel along transmission lines, the greater the loss of power. However, this new line will be able to supply power to 12 power plants spread out over a distance of 2,000 miles. With these developments already impressive in their own right, the potential for electrical transmissions only has room to grow.

Impacts on U.S. Practices

The reliability of the electrical systems stateside have come under scrutiny in recent years. A strong and efficient power grid is critical to supporting the needs of residential and commercial consumers across the nation.  In addition to reliability and high-voltage delivery, defending against cyberattacks is concern that has many considering the importance of protecting our electrical infrastructure.

With the needs of a global population putting pressure on already taxed utilities, finding efficiency and reliability is a priority of engineers across the globe. Success in Chinese ventures with the extended transmission lines will demonstrate the potential for improving services around the world.