Small bathroom design ideas (gallery)

Make your small bathroom come to life with these small bathroom design ideas! Having a small bathroom might make it look like it will be poorly decorated, but that’s not true! No matter how tight, there are plenty small bathroom ideas you can try out, and in this articles, you will find some of the best small bathroom design ideas.

If you are in search of small bathroom ideas, then you are at the right place. No matter how compacted, you can make your small bathroom stylish and space-efficient. You make use of neutral colors that run up the wall, along the floors and even continue onto the loo and bath. With this, rather than dividing the bathroom into different areas, an impression of a never-ending space will be created.

If possible, you can add a skylight to create an airy and light space, and also to open up your bathroom. Furthermore, if you add white furnishings, then light will be bounced around.

You don’t have to keep your small bathroom minimalist and small, as there any many decorative ideas for your small bathroom. You can go for vintage style if you love it, and make sure you cleverly position items so that it won’t feel clustered, rather feel sophisticated and spacious. Below are some of the best small bathroom decorative ideas you should try:

1. trick the eyes with tiles

small bathroom design ideas

The eye perceives things differently, and the small space you have might seem large to the eyes. You can make it hard to tell where the wall of your bathroom starts by using the same design in tiling the sides and walls of your bathroom. As an option, you can try marble tiles, because they appear as a huge single sheet, and the individual tiles aren’t that visually obvious.

2. Add wall-hung units

wall hung units small bathroom design ideas

When you use floating fittings, the space appears visually big, and it also makes cleaning easy. The area underneath can be used as a storage space for toiletries in fancy wicker baskets. To make things appear well-finished and minimal, make use of wall integrated taps. In addition, you can make your bathroom feel airy and large by using a palette of off-white and tonal greys.

3. Let the furniture fit scale

small furniture
If you use large furniture, your small room may appear dwarf; therefore, you should endeavor to make use of furniture appropriate to the scale of your room. You should stick to the basics of a vanity unit and storage rack that can be easily leaned on the edge of a bathroom or hanged on the wall.

4. Use a fresh white scheme for decoration

white bathroom small bathroom design ideas
You can make your small bathroom appear and feel more spacious by making use of a simple all-white scheme. Make the space feel more welcoming instead of cold by making use of glossy wall tiles, a white suite and lots of plush textured towels.

5. Consider a shelf

shelf in small bathroom design ideas
With tongue-and-groove paneling, the bath gets a visual frame. Also, the useful shelf at the top serves as a projection holding several toiletries, accessories and trinkets. Using a relaxing color makes the compact space more welcoming.

There are many other decorative ideas for your small bathroom, so make good use of these ideas and always make your small bathroom lively and attractive.

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