Safety Tips for Gas Log Heaters

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gas log sets o’fallon mo in Melbourne are becoming more and more popular as a convenient way of enjoying a hearty fireplace experience without the mess of real wooden logs and soot. Gas log heaters are extremely efficient – up to 90% in fact – and although they release carbon monoxide which must be let out a chimney, they generally create little pollution. Gas log fires in Melbourne are designed to look very similar to the real thing – a wood burning fire. So much so, that a lot of your friends and family won’t be able to tell the difference when you get one of the leading gas log heaters installed in your home. Gas log fires are a clean form of heat, are versatile in style and function, and are also quite cost-effective. With many installation options and different designs of gas log heaters to choose from, there are gas log fires in Melbourne to suit every kind of home. This article will outline some important safety tips for anyone considering installing gas log heaters in one or more rooms in their house.

Tip 1 − Installation

Hire a licensed tradesperson to install gas log fires in Melbourne. Do not attempt to do it yourself, as working with gas can be very dangerous and requires specialist knowledge and training.

Tip 2 − Request a Safety Pilot

Before the installation, request that your tradesperson includes an oxygen depletion sensor in the unit. Gas log heaters with a sensor like this automatically turn off if the temperature becomes too cold or if it senses too much carbon monoxide in the room. These sensors are sometimes also called a safety pilot.

Tip 3 − Detect Carbon Monoxide

Get carbon monoxide detectors installed in every level of your house. Gas log fires in Melbourne should not raise the level of carbon monoxide in the home, provided they’re working correctly. But it pays to have detectors just in case your gas log heater malfunctions. It’s a basic safety precaution that’s worth taking for the protection of your family.

Tip 4 − Get Your Log Fire Inspected

Get a professional to come to your home once a year and inspect your gas log fire. During this visit, the maintenance person will clean and repair your logs and “embers” so that they look visually pleasing. They’ll also give the fan a clean as well as the air circulation passages. The glass cover will also be cleaned, plus they can check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors. Finally, they’ll ensure that all your vents are clear for the easy flow of air.

Tip 5 − Be Careful Around Your Fire

Although gas log fires in Melbourne may not have sparks or real embers, they can still be dangerous. Keep all flammable material away from gas log heaters – nothing should be closer than 3 feet to the heater. If your gas log heaters have glass doors, this glass will get hot enough to burn hands and anything else that comes into contact with them, so be very careful if you have children. Teach them to be safe and careful around gas log fires in Melbourne.