How many years have gone by since you last bought those newly purchased kitchen cabinets you have? Is it already having signs of rotting?

Well, in that case, it is the perfect time to upgrade those storage cabinets.

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Cabinets are the best essentials in the kitchen since it is wherefood and utensils are being stored. But these kitchen cabinets won’t last that long, even though you have bought the best selling cabinets with top-notch material. It will continue to deteriorate throughout the years.

When things come to this, one must take immediate action of upgrading your kitchen cabinets. Updating them can lead you to three choices, whether refacing, repainting, or replacing.Though each option may vary in the procedure, what makes them similar is their purpose, which is to change your kitchen cabinets for the greater.

Nevertheless, before doing anything else, it is necessary to know first on which of the three is the best choice for your kitchen cabinet. Does it need some refacing, repainting, or replacing?

Because if you did a replacing with your cabinet when it just needs repainting,you just spent a lot of money when you could have paid less. It is much better to know first before action was given.

To help you out, Mr. Cabinet Care, the trusted company in remodeling a kitchen cabinet in Irvine, has gathered this information to help you out. If you are still skeptical on whether refacing, repainting, or replacing your kitchen cabinet, read the infographic below to learn more: