The benefits and drawbacks Of Popular Kitchen Countertop Surfaces


Your house countertop might be a design focus in your house. The very best material will prove to add both aesthetic value and functionality for your dining and cooking space. If you are remodeling your present counter or building one by yourself, deciding which material for the home countertop is essential. This is a summary five in the common surfaces available combined with the benefits and drawbacks for every.


Pros: Granite might be a beautiful, study stone surface that will be a lot of color options. From eco-friendly to gold, there’s one and pattern that will match your home and add depth for your decor and elegance.

Cons: Granite is heavy. That’s you are able to appear apparent with any stone surface, you have to note because the cabinets ought to be sturdy enough to assist simply how much. If you are considering using granite inside the remodel, consult with a design center to discover in situation your current cabinetry works, or perhaps you will have to replace that numerous.


Pros: Soapstone has recently acquired recognition like a kitchen countertop surface because it fits especially well in older homes or people with rustic styles. It’s medium to light gray hue in collaboration with many palettes, combined with the stone may deepen getting a dark gray before long.

Cons: Soapstone requires different maintenance than other stone, most particularly regular oil polishes to keep it fit and steer apparent of cracking. It offers a rougher surface, despite the fact that that could increase looks, it’s difficult on glasses and china.

Quarta movement

Pros: Quarta movement is known its engineered form, that’s achieved by mixing resin and tinted quarta movement chips together until it’ll make a sum beautiful surface that will be plenty of patterns and colours. Since it is a hybrid of stone and solid surfacing, it offers the fantastic factor about stone nevertheless the straightforward proper proper proper proper care of a great surface countertop.

Cons: Quarta movement is considered the most pricey options. Although it’s a pricey option, it’s still popular since it is very durable, and is undoubtedly a helpful investment with home resale values.


Pros: Marble is gorgeous, elegant, and classic. It’s a surface that’s well-preferred among bakers and pastry chefs because it stays awesome and keeps dough within the perfect temperature. Marble tolerates heat well, that’s a beautiful addition in classically styled homes.

Cons: Marble isn’t as durable just as much its stone counterparts, that’s prone to staining. Despite commercial sealant, marble includes a inclination to carry stains and show placed on.

Solid Surfacing

Pros: Solid Surfacing might be a synthetic surface engineered by mixing acrylic and polyester to make a smooth, sealed, nonporous surface. You’ll be able to maintain that’s generally resistance against scratches or burns. Furthermore, since it is manufactured, it’s packaged in each and every color imaginable and is a superb choice if you’re looking for virtually any bold statement.