Moroccan Rugs – Woollen, and Sensational!

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Are Moroccan Rugs Worth The Investment? What’s The Difference Between Handmade and Machine-made Rugs?

What are the options?

When people admire a rug, they tend to give machine-made carpets a go. After they become weary, they contemplate their seemingly not so smart purchase. As Moroccans, we can’t say we’ve been there – since it’s been Moroccan Rugs throughout our lives. And that means wool!

Whether you’re furnishing or redecorating your living area, you’ll face many choices. And with choices – comes bewilderment. Usually, it’s a good thing to have a wide range of products to choose from, except when most of these aren’t resilient.

If what perplexes you are the rug’s design, shape, or colour – then you’re doing great! You’ll sort it out eventually since beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

But, if you’re contemplating the rug’s material, then you surely must carefully make a choice. This will be the object that’ll lighten, brighten, or define your room! 

There are several books, even tomes, written about Berbers and their weaving traditions. Moroccan runner Rugs have always been either woollen or made with fine ultra-rich silk.

Here’s our unbiased opinion.

These are but some wool traits that made us appreciate this material. Culture, heritage, and wool’s sensational feel aside, our opinion is based on resistance, quality, and value!

Wool Rugs are naturally stain-resistant. In addition, they’re easily cleanable. Thanks to the natural coating of lanolin – keeps stains, dirt, and debris from penetrating fibres – you may home clean your rug without damaging it!

And not only that! Wool is also water-resistant! Spilt water over it? Don’t dread it! Wool absorbs water spills and will feel dry within seconds.

It’ll help keep your room warm! Wool helps moderate the house’s temperature and humidity. It’ll naturally release and absorb moisture as needed!

In summation, we love wool! Its many features will transform your living area into a peaceful haven that you could delight in hours on end!

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