Modern rugs v/s Traditional rugs: which one’s are worth buying?

Home Improvement

Decorating your house can be tricky, considering the several aspects that need to be changed or revamped according to your taste. But if you are looking forward to upgrading your space with minimal investment, buying rugs should be your choice. Buying rugs is not rocket science, but it can be a bit tricky because of the plethora of variety they are available in.

From traditional rugs to modern rugs or transitional rugs, you can surely get into a fix deciding which one to opt for. Since we are here to help you decide which rugs will be best suitable for your space, you can quit scratching your head in a dilemma.

Before you end up buying visually appealing modern rugs, let us show you the difference between the modern and traditional rugs.

Traditional rugs

If you are looking forward to adding a sophisticated and classy touch to your house, sticking to traditional rugs is your best bet. The oriental and Persian prints on these rugs will take you back in time and yet elevate the classiness of your home at the same time. These rugs are available in rich colours such as maroon, navy, brown and beige, which means they can easily blend with your furniture and wall colours. These rugs are mostly designed in floral patterns and are perfect for the living room or bedroom. There are various types of traditional rugs like:

  1. The Mughal style: Bring home a slice of the rich Indian artistry by laying down a Mughal style rug which comes adorned with jewel-toned accents and designs such as that of tropical plants, ornamental flowers and geometric designs.
  2. Patchwork rugs: If you want to go bold with your interior style, these rugs are an exceptional choice and can be customised to match your interior.

Why you should buy traditional rugs?

  1. Practicality: From classy to luxury, there is nothing that these rugs can’t pull off.
  2. Help define spaces: From helping you draw attention to your furniture to helping you define your spaces, let these rugs work their magic in your home.
  3. They are appealing: The colour, style and prints on these rugs are something you can’t get enough of.

Modern rugs

Modern rugs come adorned with a blend of colours, stark prints and contrasting designs. If you want to bring diversity and variations to your artistic decor, these rugs are your answer.

Why you should buy modern rugs?

  1. Enhances home decor: Modern rugs help brighten up a room with their artistic blend of colours.
  2. Soft and cosy texture: These rugs are made from natural fabrics such as wool, silk or jute, which makes them soft and cosy.
  3. Versatility: These rugs can fit into any decor because they are versatile and are capable of sharpening or toning down the appearance of your home accordingly.
  4. Trendy: The name of these rugs itself implies that they have the 21st-century appeal to make your home trendy. If you are not a fan of antiques, you should stick to modern rugs.

Ultimately it all boils down to personal preference and your home’s decor.

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