Modern living ideas black big couch

Modern living room ideas (photo gallery)

To be fair, we all want a modern living room like in the magazines. Although some prefer messy. But how do you get to that clean, modern look? These modern living room ideas give you a great start.

What defines a modern living room?

Openness and spaciousness are 2 very important characteristics of a modern living room. The living space becomes one big space – preferably with the kitchen, dining area and sitting area. This feeling of openness is enforced by a strong link with the exterior: green, sky or city. Large windows and skylights are typical for a modern living room. Often modern design uses material inside that you can find outside as well (if you have a garden or terrace that is). This creates unity in your interior that automatically creates a quiet environment where you can relax.

Using natural materials for your modern living room

To start off: using natural materials doesn’t have to give your living room an old look and feel. It can be very modern, used in the right content. Like you see in the image here below. The stone on the wall makes a great contrast with the smooth stone on the floor. It gives a modern en sleek look. The view is not that bad either.

Modern living room ideas differnent textures and stone

Using a grey colorscheme in your modern living room ideas

We’re not going to lie and tell you it’s easy to work with a grey colorschema to get you a modern living room design, but once you make it work.. It works. Find a good lightning-plan too, it’s essential for this to work.

Modern living room ideas grey interior

Black is the key to a great design

We love this. It’s simple, it’s sexy and it works. The big couch, the black wall, the marble. Using black as accent color can easily transform a boring space into a modern looking living room. Remember to work with high-quality materials to make sure you get the modern living room design you want. It’s not just modern living room ideas – it’s making sure you work out the ideas with the right mindset.

Modern living ideas black big couch

Using plants in a modern interior

Plants can’t be used in a modern livingroom? Very false. It gives a mysterious touch, like you can see here with this Japanse blossom. Beautiful.

Modern living room ideas blossom plants

We hope these modern living room ideas were useful for you. Let us know if you have suggestions to make your living room more modern!

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