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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Currently, you may not have the time or budget for a major remodeling of your kitchen, but with these simple and quick tips, you can update your kitchen modestly – or get some new backsplash ideas. Updating your kitchen wall décor will make a great visual impact, and below are some kitchen wall decor ideas you should tryout to give your kitchen that fresh and beautiful look you desire:

Using the right color

kitchen wall decor ideas color

To make your kitchen appear great, you need the right color palette. The best way to find the best three color palette is to use paint swatches in shades you fancy and mix them until you get the combination you want. Below is the three color palette:

Color 1: A current kitchen color that cannot be changed, such as the color of the cabinets or countertop.

Color 2: A neutral color you fancy. This will serve as the kitchen backdrop, and should be used for the new wall color that blends with color 1.

Color 3: The color that customizes your kitchen. This is mostly an unusual and bold color that blends with your palette.

If you bring these 3 together you can create the ideal colorscheme for your kitchen.

Pay more attention to the Focal Point

kitchen wall decor ideas focal point
Source: The Spruce

The focal point is the bold and unique part you notice when you walk into the kitchen. It should reflect your personality, and you should be proud of it. You can paint your focal wall in the bold shade you choose as your color palette or hang a large frame on it.

Make use of open Shelving

kitchen wall decor ideas open shelving
Source: Decoist

The look of an open shelf brightens up your kitchen as it creates visual space. However, you should keep the mismatched glasses in fewer cabinets. You don’t have to do away with your upper cabinets, you should instead try placing a couple of floating shelves on an open wall to update your kitchen.

If you want a greater change, choose an upper wall cabinet and remove the door, then paint the back of the cabinet or use wallpaper on it. This will transform into an open display shelf.

Gallery wall collections

kitchen wall decor ideas gallery wall
Source: Supermarket HQ

Make your kitchen unique through your personality. Gallery wall collections add life to a boring wall, and you can bring together objects you like then use them as kitchen wall décor. There are no rules here, so arrange as you fancy. There are many items you can use, ranging from baskets to different types of mirrors. You can make use of fabric swatches or framed wallpaper, or framed album covers. Antique empty frames of different shapes and sizes, and also vintage dishes amongst others, can still be used.

Personalize your kitchen wall decor ideas with chalkboard paint

kitchen wall decor chalkboard

Using chalkboard paint is a great way to decorate your wall. Using a can of black chalkboard paint is a nice idea, as black is eye-catching and bold.

If there isn’t any wall space available, you can use a cabinet surface or door, and always remember to layer. You will have the unique look of your fresh beautiful kitchen walls enhanced with a gallery wall collection or a floating shelf on your chalkboard wall. We hope these kitchen wall decor ideas work for you, leave a comment to let us know what you think!

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