Ideas For Designing User-Friendly Kitchen


Whether you’re looking to completely remodel your kitchen or may be you just want to update it with a few touches, there’s a lot of inspiration out there. But finding the right place to start for your specific kitchen can be a bit daunting.

While kitchen remodelling gives you the opportunity to start from square one, it makes your kitchen more efficient and user-friendly than it’s ever been. If you have been thinking about the best way to design the space, before the kitchen design experts hang the first cabinet and lay the first tile, here are some tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your kitchen design layout.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Kitchen Design Layout

There are many things that you need to consider while designing, like physical size and layout of the space, your kitchen’s social uses and practical aspects of how you prefer to cook food. If you want to go for a chic design, then open floor plan and larger spaces are best suited along with some informal country style work.

Let’s start with some practical matters.

The Work Triangle: Installing an island or moving cabinets is a big, expensive change that can alter the work triangle within the kitchen and make it more usable. The triangle formed between the stove, sink and refrigerator is the core of how efficient your kitchen would be. This should be as compact as possible to limit the number of steps you need to take from one area to the next.

Narrow Kitchens: Narrow kitchens require a lot of creativity to make the best use of the limited space. The countertops and cabinets are fixed in a way that they allow for maximum space while working. Glass cabinets give a spacious feel to the narrow kitchens. They keep things natural, light and airy, provided they are free from fingerprints, splatters and smudges and are cleaned frequently.

Reduce Clutter for Comfort: A small space doesn’t necessarily need to be cluttered to be more useful. A mix of open, vertical, and overhead storage is a great way to optimize every square inch and make the space more organized and welcoming.

These tips and tricks can help you highlight your kitchen’s appeal and function with beautiful, on-trend, and comfortable design ideas. These days, aluminium alloy kitchens make a wonderful option for a modular design. If you want to explore more about this new kitchen design, take a sneak peak here.

Aluminum Alloy Kitchen by NuSpace

Aluminum Alloy Kitchen Model is an innovative concept, invented by NuSpace. Keeping the unique needs of Indian buyers in mind, the kitchen has been designed in a way that it looks modular outside and is sturdy inside.

This Aluminum Alloy Kitchen offers a practical solution, while maintaining the look of the Italian kitchen. Additionally, NuSpace offers a deep level of flexibility in terms of customization so as to meet the requirement of different customers. So, whether you are planning to have an open kitchen, an exclusively designed breakfast counter, or an island kitchen, NuSpace has just the right solution for you.