How To Help Your Kids To Cope With Moving


Moving is very stressful and takes up too much time. If it’s stressful for you, imagine what your child is feeling. The thought of having to move and adjust to a new environment, they’ll lose their friends, they’ll miss their favorite places and adapt to their new school. Moving is both exciting and challenging, but your child also needs more attention these days. They need to understand why you need to move, where you’ll be moving, and what will happen after you move. They might have a lot of questions in mind, and you should be more patient with them. Many children find moving as unsettling and full of uncertainty, often causes them to have anxiety.

During moving, you should be able to give a bit more attention and patience to your child. Moving is as stressful to them as it is to you. You can help them cope with moving by following these tips:

  1. Announce The Move

No matter what their age is, you should give your child a heads up about moving even before it becomes a permanent decision. Include them in the discussion of plans and how everyone will adjust. Expect that they might walk out on the conversation or get mad or cry. They also have a life, a group of friends, and an environment they have already adjusted to. They might not even want to move. It’s a tough decision, but you have to let them understand why you need to move.

  1. Rest

A week before moving day, make sure that your family gets enough rest so that when moving day comes, no one is cranky, sick or tired. More rest means more energy and more patience. Especially young kids, when they’re not well rested and have been stressed for the past few days, they often get cranky and throws tantrums. Moving is very, very stressful, and it can be overwhelming with packing and having to deal with your child’s tantrums. Always be prepared and rest first.

  1. Manage Their Expectations

Help your child know what to expect, what it’s going to be like in your new home and what’s in it for them. You can also take them to where you’ll be moving when looking for new potential houses and when meeting the neighbors. They might think that your present home is better than where you’ll be moving, and that’s okay, it’s their feeling of attachment. Describe what your new home will look like, where the playgrounds are, how nice their new school will be, and all the fun things you can do after you move. Keep in mind, don’t make promises you can’t fulfill; it will only frustrate them.

  1. Get Them Involved

Get them as involved as you could so they won’t feel left out, and their minds won’t fill up with questions. One thing to keep their minds from wandering and overthinking is to get them to do things and keep them busy. You could have either hired a trusted removalists Inner West like Bill Removalists Sydney or not; you should still get them to do things. Let them pack their toys or their go bag. Let them play in one corner while you pack or let them watch tv for a while.

  1. Do Everything Like Usual

To help them adjust better, make their schedule the same as usual. If they usually go to playgrounds at 3 in the afternoon, making it the same time after you’ve moved. If they have extracurricular activities like skating, ballet classes, piano classes, etc. do it on their usual day and time. So that they won’t have to make a lot of adjustments.

  1. Reassure Your Child

You should be able to reassure them that everything will be fine and everyone will be able to adjust. If you’re too busy trying to help your child cope with moving, you can check this link, they are professional removalists that can assist you on your moving day. Your child might have a lot of questions in mind, while your removalists work for you, you can reassure them and be patient when answering their questions.

  1. Stay In Touch

After moving, allow your child to keep in touch with friends and relatives. So that they’ll feel like they still have a part of their life from where you left. You can plan on visits during holidays or during weekends.

Final Word

If moving day is stressful for you, it’s much more stressful for your child, so better you hire removal companies Chelmsford. They often feel separation anxiety when moving, which makes it hard for them to cope, with the thought of always wanting to go back. You should be patient and give them more attention. Help them keep in touch with friends but also help them make new ones.

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