How to Get The Best Pricing for a Dumpster

Home Decoration

When you are in need of a dumpster locust nc for a home renovation project, you try to get the best pricing possible. The cost of the dumpster can add quite a bit to your project if you need it for a long period of time.

Wheeling and Dealing on a Dumpster Rental

The cost to rent a dumpster can be anywhere in a large range of prices from $250 up to $600 or more in some areas. This can be a pretty substantial expense when added to your project that you are working on. Therefore, it’s worth getting the best deal you possibly can instead of just going with the first quote you get. Learn about some tips and strategies that may pay off for you.

Shop Around

It’s best to get quotes from at least two or three dumpster rental companies near your area that you need it. Prices for the same or close to the same size dumpsters can vary by 10% or more between the dumpster rental companies. Find out the details from each rental company as well. One company might offer terms that would be a better fit for you, such as a longer rental period or a larger weight allowance, which would work better for you. Make sure that you find out from each rental company if they can accommodate your timeline and disposal needs. If they can’t, then it won’t work out with them.

Do They Match Their Competitors Rates?

Ask the rental companies if they match their competitor’s rates. Some roll-off container rental tampa fl companies do and others don’t. Businesses all of types compete with others and they want your business and your money. If one dumpster company is charging $25 less on a 20 yard dumpster than another one in about the same area, then you can use this to your advantage and ask if they price match or even beat their competitor’s rates. If you are using this strategy, it works best to get at least three quotes from your local dumpster rental companies. This will give you a good picture of the variation in rates for the same size dumpster so you can try to bargain with them.

The “Clean Load” Angle

If your project is a roofing job and you plan only to put shingles in the dumpster that is considered a clean load. A clean load is when you put only one type of material in the dumpster. This makes it super quick and easy for the rental companies to drop off the roll-off dumpster at the nearest recycling plant that accepts that type of material. The dump fees are very often quite a bit less than the disposal fees at a landfill that accepts mixed loads of items. The most important item is to tell the rental companies if you will have a clean load at the time of getting prices and quotes from them to get a discount based on the lower disposal fees. This ensures that you get the best rate possible on your rental.

Do They Have Short Term Rentals?

The busiest months for dumpster rental companies are in the spring, summer, and fall. During these three seasons, dumpster rental companies will have a limited amount of stock on hand. If you can plan your renovation so that you only need the dumpster for 1 to 3 days, then it is a quick turn around and a short term instead of the most often used schedule of a week. This will ensure that the rental companies have more dumpsters in stock to serve other people and they can basically have two short-term rentals of two different people in one week. Take advantage of their limited stock and ask if they have a one, two or three-day short-term rental instead of the standard weekly rental.

Ask About Discounts

Some local rental companies may offer discounts to veterans or active members of the military. This can be around 10% or so and it does help to decrease your total expenses on a job. Ask the companies if they offer this type of discount or other groups that the company is affiliated with or even a senior citizen discount. You will definitely have to ask them about these types of discounts because most rental companies won’t tell you of them in advance. This strategy helps you to get a discount without the need for any negotiation skills whatsoever. You can also check the websites of the dumpster rental companies to see if they offer any type of discount. Many local dumpster rental companies don’t have a website or it can be outdated or have limited information. The best way to get one of these discounts is just to ask the salesperson politely if they offer military, veteran, senior or other group discounts when you are calling them for a quote.

Discounts or Cash Back for Referrals

Many businesses of all types offer either a discount or cashback for referrals. This is most probably not advertised on their website or offered when they are giving you a free quote over the phone. However, you can always ask. If you refer a friend or coworker to them and your friend or coworker does rent from them, then that’s one less person that they had to negotiate with as a customer to get their business. If you are happy with your dumpster service and know of someone who will need to rent a dumpster at some point in time in the future, then ask about a referral discount or cashback. This area needs to be discussed before you secure your service and you need to find out if you get a discount now or cashback after your friend rents from them.

Other Considerations

Some other money-saving tips may come to mind in dumpster rentals. You can share the cost of the dumpster with a neighbor. This works very well if you get a larger doomster and both plan to do remodeling or something at the same time. You can cut your rental price in about half in this manner.

If you can rent a dumpster in the winter, as the off-season for rental companies, then the rental companies will have plenty of stock and they aren’t as busy. Some of the companies will offer cheaper rates in the winter.

Use local businesses. You will most likely get a much better price for a dumpster rental from a local business instead of using a big name national company. Most local businesses will also give you much more personalized and better service as well. The smaller guys have to compete with the big guys and they will strive to get your business in hopes that you will advertise by word of mouth so that they can get more customers.

Avoid extra fees when renting a dumpster by making sure you don’t go over the weight limit and don’t put restricted items in your dumpster.

These strategies and tips may be able to help you to minimize your cost of a dumpster rental. Be aware that these items don’t work in every case, but it never hurts to ask about discounts when you are getting quotes. You could potentially save $20 or even up to $50 on your rental term.