How to choose and install the right boiler for your place


If there is something every person in Glasgow probably knows is about heating their homes. Whether you are looking for “boiler replacement Glasgow” or “boiler repair fruita co” there are some things you should know. Heating takes a huge proportion of your energy use, so having the right boiler is a huge bonus if you want to reduce your expenses. Even though there are a lot of choices, there are some things to consider before choosing one or another.

Source of energy

The type of energy you use for your boiler will have an impact on how much you spend. In this case natural gas tends to be cheaper than fuel. Also there are some renewable sources of energy such as sun or gas. 


By using a highly efficient boiler you save energy cost and you reduce your CO2 emissions. This models are more expensive in general, however they’re more economic to run. For all the money you can save the energy cost of a cheap boiler is higher in the long run as it may present different failures, you may need constant maintenance and it probably won’t last as much as you’d expect. 

Combustion System 

There are open and closed boilers. The difference is that open boilers must be installed in ventilated areas as they let waste gases escape out of them, they usually consume up to 5% more fuel. They make noise and they represent a higher risk of CO poisoning. The closed boilers can be installed pretty much everywhere as they don’t need an unventilated area, they just need a pipe that must go through the wall or the roof to the exterior so the waste gases can escape. They are noiseless and with safer conditions and lower fuel consumption.

Available space 

There are two different versions of boilers: wall boilers and floor boilers. In case you have a small space you should consider wall boilers as they are easier to install and fit almost everywhere. 

Power level 

Using a model with the equivalent power of your current one may not be enough. The way they used to calculate heating is no longer applicable in some cases. There is a risk that you may believe that the most powerful one is the best one but that would be a mistake. A more powerful boiler means more cost and more waste. Also, sometimes you may choose the boiler considering the coldest day even though you may only have a couple of those.

Getting the right installation costs and additional components 

By this point you must now that there are several technical factors that affect the extra price for the installation or for the additional components, depending on the type of boiler or the system it uses, if it’s old or modern, etc.

So, in order to simplify the choice, you can try and find the right service for boiler replacement in Glasgow by looking for a full service rather than just buying a boiler that may or may not be the right one for you. 

The easiest and smartest way to do this would be to get a quick quote request service in order to compare quotes. This may reduce your investment up to 40%. Whether you want to replace, upgrade or get a new boiler in Glasgow, getting an expert can make a huge difference for your expenses.