How Can You Tell If Your Basement Has Water Damage?

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Lots of homes and businesses have varying challenges with water damage in their basements. Whether as a result of pipe bursts, cracks, leaks, or heavy rains, water damage can compromise the structural integrity of your buildings. Besides, water damage in the basement can affect the health of different individuals due to mold growth.

You must first identify the damage before hiring an expert for basement waterproofing. So, how can you tell if your basement has water damage? Here are some signs to consider.

  • Cracks

The walls, foundation, and floor of your basement can have different cracks whenever it is damaged by water. The cracks are usually because of excessive pressure from the water on the structure of your building. Inadequate drainage and excessive moisture are also possible causes of cracks. It is worthwhile to note that tiny cracks may not cause a problem. Nonetheless, when they are bigger than one-sixteenth of an inch, they can lead to a plethora of issues.

Whatever the cause of the cracks could be, you need a water damage restoration company to offer you effective basement waterproofing.

  • Changes in the texture and color of the surface of your basement

Although peeling wallpaper or paint may not cause any problems, it is a red flag that you must never overlook. In a few cases, this sign may come as a result of a deteriorating foundation or wall. Check the color and texture of the walls and floors to see if they have changed. Notably, flaking cement and powdery surface can indicate a problem.

  • Mold growth

Have you been noticing molds in the walls and floors of your basement? If yes, this is telling you that your basement is moist and might have been damaged by water already. In some cases, the mold will also grow on the wood, furniture, and other organic items in your home. Apart from affecting your health, molds have an unattractive appearance. So, act immediately and prevent mold from wreaking havoc in your home or business.

  • Foul odors

Depending on the items inside your basement, it may have some natural smells. However, if you start perceiving some unusual, foul odors in your basement, you should note that there may be a problem already.

You should endeavor to clean, dehumidify, and ventilate your basement. If the odor doesn’t go away, your basement is probably experiencing water damage already. So, water damage restoration may be necessary.

  • Sinking or swelling floors

Is the floor of your basement swelling or sinking? This is one of the common signs of water damage. Swollen flooring is usually related to moisture absorption while sunken flooring is often caused by soil erosion. All these problems can damage your basement and the items inside it.

Once you have noticed any of these signs, don’t take chances with your home or business. Get in touch with a skilled and experienced professional to handle basement waterproofing and water damage restoration. The expert will check your basement to decide the best means to solve the existing problems and prevent future water damages.