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What to renovate at home and hire an independent handyman for this as a private individual? Have window frames painted? Want to become a self-employed person (independently without staff) If that job remains at your house, then a handy handyman is the solution. A frequently asked question is: what does the self-employed handyman cost or ask per hour?

What Is The Average Hourly Rate Of A Handyman?

The hourly rate of a handyman in DC or handyman can vary quite widely and is highly dependent on the skills of the handyman. When hiring a job, keep a close eye on what kind of handyman you hire. An hourly wage that is too low can be a bad indication. Poor communication, unclear agreements and therefore disappointing quality of the work are all too common. In this way, cheap ultimately becomes expensive when a recognized handyman has to repair or finish the work.

Always check whether the prices and rates offered include VAT. In any case, make sure that recognition of the handyman is paramount and not the hourly wage!

What Are The Activities Of A Handyman?

The handyman is really a jack of all trades. He is a plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, roofer, and white goods mechanic all in one. Popular jobs are:

  • Hang up curtain rails
  • Hang up blinds
  • Hang a lamp, shelf or mirror
  • (IKEA) furniture assembly
  • Laying laminate
  • Lay skirting boards
  • Install the cat flap
  • Install the door handle
  • Hang the door
  • Paintwork
  • Wood rot repair
  • Wallpapering
  • Cleaning gutter
  • Install and hang TV. Read up on this article about a comprehensive guide when it comes to installing a TV mount in Singapore (https://www.funbiz.com.sg/tv-installation-in-singapore/), its rates and where to find a contact to help you if you need one.
  • Hire half a day or 1 day for various jobs

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What do you count as a handyman? Share your hourly rate

Something handymen would like to know is what hourly rate they can charge. The hourly wage not only plays a role in the decision whether someone will start an independent handyman company to be left with a good salary, the rate also occupies the experienced professional. Because what does my competitor charge? Contractors, municipalities, and private individuals also want to be informed of the hourly rates that are charged.